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Drive-By Shooting In Washington D.C. Injures 11

Drive-By Shooting Injures 11 In Washington D.C.

A drive-by shooting in Washington, D. C. has left 11 people injured. Although none of the injuries are considered life-threatening, at least one of the victims sustained a serious wound.

A group of people was reportedly gathering outside the Tyler House apartment complex around 3 am this morning when two cars drove up and opened fire into the crowd. According to authorities at least 11 people, including a 17-year-old, were injured in the drive-by shooting.

As reported by WTOP, Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier spoke at a press conference, confirming that 11 people were either shot or grazed by bullets. Most of the victims were shot in the arms and legs. One victim, the most seriously injured, was shot in the back. Although the wound is serious, the victim is expected to live.

It is thought that the group gathering outside the apartment building had recently left a club which closed at 2:30 am. Witnesses have described the two vehicles as a darker colored BMW and a lighter colored vehicle.

Authorities have not established a motive or identified any suspects in the drive-by shooting. Police ask that anyone with information please call 202-727-9099.

The vehicles involved in the incident were captured on surveillance video on a service road outside the apartment building. The video will be released soon in an effort to help identify the suspects.

The investigation is ongoing as police try to gather information from witnesses. They are having a difficult time gathering information as witnesses can be reluctant to share information with authorities.

Police are unsure exactly how many shots were fired into the crowd, or whether anyone in the crowd fired back at the suspects. Although witnesses may be reluctant, police hope that the security footage and cooperation from security guards in the area will help them gain useful information about drive-by shooting that injured 11 people in Washington, D.C.

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