Mark McGwire is a coward

I am so sick of whining self serving confessions from spoiled rich athletes, that I can barely write this article without wanting to wretch. Mark “Big Baby” McGwire has confessed to what we all already knew, he took steroids. Wow big freaking deal, hey Mark why don’t you go, sit down over there, next to Pete Rose as guys who confessed way to late, asked for forgiveness far to late, and who will never be elected into the Hall of Fame.

If the St. Louis Cardinals want to employ a guy with such a weak character that is their business, but we sports fans do not have to accept what this man has to say, listen to his whining explanation of why he did it, nor listen to an apology that is about five years too late. McGwire will forever be defined by a pitiful, cowardly appearance before the United States Congress. That is really that can we please move on.

The only reason McGwire chose to do this now was to try to pit this to bed, before the start of Spring Training. I sincerely hope that the St. Louis Cardinals beat writer do not let him off the hook so easily. Let us not forget that McGwire is the father of the steroids era of baseball. All this came to light by some questionable materials found in his locker.

This should piss off everyone, from those of us with enough common sense to understand the why behind this so called confession, to those of us who once thought of McGwire as a hero. He whines and cries about not getting immunity to talk about this before the Congress, but why should he? He broke the law, and had nothing to give Congress in return for immunity. In fact maybe someone should go back, and charge him know for possession of illegal substances, and he can truly be gone from the game forever. Get it Mark, that is what most us baseball fans want.

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