Olivia Namath, daughter of Joe, arrested in FL on drug charges

Olivia Namath, 19, has been arrested in Florida on drug charges.

Namath, daughter of football star Joe Namath, was pulled over for speeding near Jupiter, FL, in her silver Mercedes. The officer reported the smell of marijuana in the vehicle, and a deputy was called to the scene while Namath and her two male companions were asked to exit the car. A subsequent search turned up roughly a half a pound of pot in the car’s trunk and floor board. The search also uncovered an open bottle of rum and 11 cans of beer, also a legal problem for Olivia. (Who is under 21.)

Namath “denied knowledge” of the large quantities of marijuana in her car when she was arrested with the two men. Namath’s bond was set at $3,000, and she is being charged with “two counts of marijuana possession, including one with intent to sell, and with possession of alcohol by a minor.”