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36 Chihuahuas Seized From Two California Homes

36 Chihuahuas Seized

36 Chihuahuas were seized from two homes in California, some of them two-week-old puppies.

Officials with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter seized the dogs while they were executing two search warrants on the properties. The first came on Monday and the second on Tuesday.

The homes were owned by relatives. Their investigation was prompted after they received a phone call from the landlord of an apartment complex. The landlord was concerned that no one was taking care of the Chihuahuas.

After they obtained search warrants, authorities discovered it was not just dogs being hoarded at the homes. Todd Stosuy, the animal shelter’s field services manager, stated, “It’s a hoarding case first because not only were animals being hoarded, but also objects and possessions.”

Along with hoarding, they were also considered breeding situations, because, Stosuy explained, “The dogs were indiscriminately breeding in the house.” Of the 36 Chihuahuas seized from the homes, 16 of them were puppies. Eleven were taken from an apartment, while 25 were taken from a home. Stosuy added that it “looks like there were three separate litters.”

Because the investigation is ongoing, no charges have been filed. It is possible that they will be eventually. Possible charges include animal neglect. In California, a misdemeanor animal neglect charges can carry a maximum of one year in county jail. There may also be a fine of up to $20,000.

The judge could impose just the fine, just jail, or both, depending on the case. Along with the potential jail time and fines, anyone convicted of misdemeanor animal neglect is banned from owning a pet for up to five years. For a felony conviction, the ban lasts for 10 years. The bans are part of a new state law.

While investigators continue their work, the dogs are being held at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter’s two locations. Soon they will go to foster homes and, hopefully, be adopted. Stosuy has issued a call for potential adoption families.

Would you consider adopting one of the 36 Chihuahuas seized from the two homes in California?

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53 Responses to “36 Chihuahuas Seized From Two California Homes”

  1. Anonymous

    no we need to mind our own business. keep your feces in yoiur own backyard. stick your nose in your own dog crap.

  2. Margie Ree

    didn't say anything about the dogs being neglected or feces lying around, or ill health of any of them…lots of females mean lots of puppies, that doesn't mean neglect…the picture shown of one is healthy looking, so what is the problem?

  3. Carol Smith

    If you can be banned from having pets if convicted of abuse, why aren't parents banned from having more children when convicted of child abuse. Just asking.

  4. Carol Perkins

    In some respects I agree with you, if we are talking about "Puppy Mills" yes I agree, but when it comes to mental illness NO. People who hoard animals for no other reason but to have them around them have to: 1. look for unconditional love from an animals because most likely they perceive that they do not get what they need from a human 2. Need to learn why they are escaping the life they have to be consumed with things and animals. In your theory all people should be punished, this will not help the hoarder find the under laying problem of why they do it and will hoard again.

  5. Melanie Marie

    I want to adopt at least one of the pups. It's sad when people take advantage of small animals like this. Females can only tolerate so many litters! Do people like this, not know this, or even care? If you really know things about chihuahuas, then you would know females can't keep being bred. Ugh. People make me sick! And I agree with Sam Basso.

  6. Carla Banning Allen

    My chihuahua had a litter of four just shy of two weeks ago, only one lived. I would love to adopt one of the puppies! How sad for them.

  7. Reta Lane

    Why did you let your dog have puppies. I really don't think you need one if you are going to be a puppy breeder.

  8. Deana Peterson

    if I had my own place id take as many as I could afford to feed n take care of!
    n id have back up if sompn happened to me like a hospital stay or illness!

  9. Deana Peterson

    ive often wonder tht my self,i think tht the animal should b for life and a children ban she be employed and also b for life!!

  10. Candis Catfixer

    People are stupid. They want to make money off animals. They need to get a job of their own.

  11. Cheri Beaupre

    I'm glad they rescued these puppies before they began breeding among themselves. It probably wouldn't take more than 6 months for there to be hundreds of puppies.

  12. Jessica Solis

    I agree with many of the comments being made. I have 6 dogs (which isn't anywhere close to 36, I know) and they are very well taken care of and even more so they are loved and pampered. If I could afford and had room for 36 dogs I can almost guarantee you I would have 36! However, I would be responsible enough to have them all spayed/neutered. If there was animal neglect/abuse of any kind then, yes, charges need to be brought to the table. However, if these sweet babies were taken care of then maybe sentence the owners a fine pending they don't get the animals fixed ASAP!

  13. Susan Monroe

    when abuse is involved – it is anyone's business to intervene – and the hoarding was a big red flag indicating mental health deficite – grow up mm

  14. Cindy Rye Styer

    We have 2 Chi's and I would love more, but if I can't afford the vet bills to make sure they are in good health then I would not have more. These poor babies are probably in-breed stupid… sad!

  15. Sandra Earle

    Yes, I would take one. This a terrible situation. I agree with you too Carol Smith. If you want to have children and pets take care of them or don't have them. It's a no-brainer.

  16. M Jean Devejian

    Generally it means a violation of local ordinances concerning permits.

  17. Maureen Teresa Lispi

    When are they available for adoption? I will be in Santa Cruz the first week of April. I could easily adopt 1 or 2 of the dogs. Perhaps 2 puppies from the same liiter. I have 4 cats at home, but they did live with a dog for some time and were cool with him. He passed away in October.The dog was pretty mellow. I would need to make sure the pups weren't too hyper, as chiuahuas can sometimes be. Does anyone have any more info regarding adoption?

  18. Mark Saylor

    Michele – so you have no problem with a meth lab on one side and a whore house on the other, right?

  19. Terry Shoblom Watt

    They're in good health, as stated in the news video, so where do they get the neglect charges?

  20. Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb

    People aren't animals. Dogs are animals, people are human beings. Not taking the side of child abusers, but people have human rights that are protected by our constitution.The other reason is that animals are generally considered to be property while human beings are not.

  21. Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb

    Susan Monroe , I agree with MM. Though I would say that there are many legitimate dog and cat breeders who have studied genetics and animal husbandry. They know how to breed the animals safely and ethically. They have their homes, catteries, and kennels set up for the healthy growth of their animals. The places are clean and well taken care of. Not everyone who breeds dogs runs a "puppy mill." The person who called was concerned for the animals and it was good that this called attention to the owners who may or may not have a mental illness. Perhaps they can be sent for an evaluation by a qualified mental health professional and if they need it, get help. So actually it's a win-win for all involved. The puppies will get new homes and the owners will get help if they need it. I say "if" because I can't judge a person's mental status by reading about their alleged hoarding behavior on line.

  22. Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb

    If I lived in that area, I'd love to have one! They are so sweet and adorable and funny. I love animals! I have four cats.

  23. Marianne Mclaughlin

    Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb It sounds like you are saying that Human Beings are superior to animals? Many people are not, and a true animal lover treats them as family, not a pet.

  24. Julie Mills

    Then again my dear…some people are animals and some animals more human than they could ever hope to be. You must just not see a lot of people around nowadays. ABUSE OF ANYTHING IS WRONG!….:)

  25. Sonja Persey

    Chi's are not a breed for children. They are too small and fragile for fast and furious little feet and hands and soo many of them are hurt that way. I would never adopt any of my chi's out to households that have children under 10 years of age, just not worth it.

  26. Joanie Dakis Mierzwa

    It doesn't sound like a case of hoarding to me. Those dogs are all healthy and well taken care of. They said nothing of the house being filled with feces either. I guess all of those that I know that have 25 cats or dogs should have them taken away and are considered hoarders?

  27. Steven Calhoun

    somethings wrong with this story. either they were neglected and under-nourished or what's this hoarding crap? If you have 36 roses, is that hoarding roses. make sense of why you are bringing charges, I have read none! If they are all healthy, you don't have a case. Hoarding, what's that? Having too much of something. Some rich hoard money, are you going to arrest them or take their money and give it to someone whose going to adopt their money? Make sense of all this crap. it doesn't make sense.

  28. Steven Calhoun

    somethings wrong with this story. either they were neglected and under-nourished or what's this hoarding crap? If you have 36 roses, is that hoarding roses. make sense of why you are bringing charges, I have read none! If they are all healthy, you don't have a case. Hoarding, what's that? Having too much of something. Some rich hoard money, are you going to arrest them or take their money and give it to someone whose going to adopt their money? Make sense of all this crap. it doesn't make sense.

  29. Nancy Nelson Golden

    agree with you 100 % except many times in hoarding situations the dogs and their puppies arent healthy, usually they are parasitic (not just worms, but fleas and ticks as well). They are often malnourished and can suffer from diseases like parvo, kennel cough and other afflictions where improper vaccinations and conditions are present.

  30. Andrea Sanchez

    Please get your pets fixed, I work with animal rescues and it is a slap in the face when people allow their animals to be bred. The volunteers put so much time and effort to getting dogs and cats good homes then some jerk lets their animals have a litter. Also the rest of us have to deal with their problem, like with this stupid women.

  31. David Theisen

    Can't believe I actually took time to read this non-story.

  32. Cathy Cameron

    Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb "Animals have rights too! People are worse than animals by far! God gave humans dominion over the animal kingdom…to care for them not abuse them as humans have abused everything else on this planet.

  33. Deana Peterson

    yes u r right and it would b hitler like to sterilize or keep ppl from having children but wht about the childrens rights as HUMAN BEINGS..they r treated like animals sometimes worse ..i just heard on the news about this 7 year old girl tht has to go to court to prove her parents did irreparable damage to her while keeping her in a cage all her life!

  34. Victoria Hope Nickel

    Someone called in saying they *THOUGHT* there was nobody taking care of the chihuahuas. To be honest, I'm rather surprised that was all it took to get a freaking search warrant. Unfortunately, when people are told something they have a habit of acting like and parroting it around as if it were true. Truth doesn't matter then, because facts don't matter to a mob mentality. Take a look at this comment page. There are so many people jumping on the "these people are animal abusers and hoarders" even though the article itself only states that a call went in about a *concern* which makes it alleged. So, it's an story about an alleged crime, yet people are acting like that must be the case even though they don't know bull about it.

    Even if the charges are unfounded, the damage has already been done to these people's lives because it appears as if the case is being treated as "guilty until proven innocent and even if you are, your dogs are gone so tough luck" which I see so often in these "animal hoarding" cases. Even if the dogs are healthy many of them will be facing euthanasia just because of the circumstances ( There was a cat rescue farm that was shut down on charges of "abuse and hoarding" in Florida ( They received a lot of negative press in the media on attempts by ASPCA and PETA to defame them in order for their charges to stick but haven't received any retractions from the press when the Judge ruled that ASPCA hasn't proven animal cruelty. Those people were trying to RESCUE cats! It makes me so mad.
    Another incident even happened to a friend of mine who was licensed, held all the permits and followed every law to breed show rabbits in her area. She took care of her animals well (I know for a fact) and kept her place sparkling clean. The police claimed all sorts of things, from neglect and abuse to hoarding and filthy conditions. It was utter bull of course (I knew that personally). She was exonerated, but she never did get back more than a fraction of her babies. In my opinion ASPCA and "rescues" are the worst sort of people second behind child services social workers.

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