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Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Deal Allegedly On The Table

lindsay lohan house arrest

A Lindsay Lohan house arrest deal is rumored to be on the table. The star can supposedly choose between electronic monitoring and jail time. The actress has supposedly does not like the offer and wants to continue on with her court case. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lohan also supposedly turned down a deal which included a stint in rehab.

The former Disney star is battling criminal charges stemming from a Santa Monica car accident last summer. Lindsay Lohan is accused of lying to law enforcement officers and a probation violation. TMZ sources claim that the Los Angeles district attorney have relaxed their position about the 90-day sting in rehab. The prosecutors are allegedly now willing to change the offer to include a house arrest for the same duration.

Lohan’s NYC attorney Mark Heller allegedly told prosecutors that his client is willing to accept some house arrest time. The attorneys on both sides of Lindsay’s case are reportedly fussing over just how long the star would have to wear an ankle bracelet and stay inside. If the source claims are accurate, Heller and Lohan are not on the same page about accepting any type of house arrest sentence.

The Canyons star is also still struggling with a massive IRS debt. The Cash For Purses online business recently offered to buy some of Lohan’s designers bags. The movie star has not issued any public statement about the offer to grab some quick cash from her gently used handbags.

Trent Silver, the Cash for Purses CEO, even offered to discuss some type of endorsement or spokeperson deal to Lindsay Lohan. Silver is not the only person offering to extend a hand to the beleaguered actress. Charlie Sheen, who already gave Lindsay about $100,000 to help pay off her IRS debt, offered to serve as a mentor.

Sheen could be a very good role model for Lohan. The Anger Management star should know a thing or two about restarting a career and learning to deal with substance abuse issues. Lohan is allegedly living back in her childhood home with mom Dina. The Long Island residence is supposedly facing foreclosure.

If a plea deal is not reached soon, Lindsay Lohan will head to trial on March 18. Do you think Lohan should spend time in jail?

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30 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Deal Allegedly On The Table”

  1. James S Griener Sr.

    if she doesn't go to jail the whole court system is corrupt the judges should all b fined and the prosacuter belongs in the morgue as an idiot ,,,,,

  2. Anonymous

    She is a spoiled Brat!
    The only way to punish her is to stick her in Solitary confinement! no Visitors! No Interaction! No Media attention! She craves attention because her so called "Parents" never gave her any growing up. she was their meal ticket and nothing more! she receives validation only through media exposure! remove that and she will flip out. that is the only way she will learn. Stick her in Solitary confinement with only a toilet, bed and a stack of self help books. no early release! no freedom until she has read every book and provided an essay of each and how what she has learned can help her.
    she is an attention whore and will do whatever it takes in order to get it, whether its via drug abuse, theft or destruction of property. she is a product of her environment. her worst enemy is being alone with herself and the voices in her head. she will continue down the path of self destruction because that is the only way she can get attention at this point. I predict a suicide attempt in her future.

  3. Jeff Cole

    Her lifestyle needs to change too many young stars have burned out and wrecked their lives or died from wild and crazy life. This case is she needs to put the brakes on she gets in trouble on the East & West coasts. Also acts like the court needs to give her a good deal that she likes. She keeps screwing around a judge will give her the MAX.

  4. Jeff Cole

    Jail time not sitting around the house getting buzzed. She'll fail a drug test and sit for awhile. She appears not to realize that is possible with her attitude. She doesn't desreve house arrest!!

  5. Anonymous

    why can't they understand, she doesn't abide by any 'deals'?

  6. Anonymous

    Why is Lindsay Lohan so special? The justice system just keeps slapping her on the wrist. Anyone else would be in jail….no other option! She needs to spend 90 days in jail, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and cooking and serving. She will never learn a lesson until she's made to spend some time behind bars!

  7. Kandy Florentine

    House arrest is a joke. She deserves some jail time. Anyone else would get it. She has been given too many chances for me to even count.

  8. John Vicars

    Money talks. If it were me I would be in jail, no questions asked. She is nothing but white trash and we can all guess how she gets away with it.

  9. Anonymous

    Anything to keep that train wreck from finding a place to happen.

  10. Anonymous

    if this was a poor black kid, he would be doing 20 years.

  11. Paul G. DeCroix

    It's a stupid case! They know that and even if she's found guilty she won't do much time.

  12. Victor Steele

    Decisions…decisions. I wonder which one she'll CHOOSE?

  13. Marvin Green

    The legal system can't really think they are helping her by spanking her hand all the time. She is a habitual offender and should be treated as such. They will probably wait until she accidentally kills someone and then they will all point their fingers and accuse somebody else. This is a joke.

  14. Anonymous

    She needs hard time behind bars not rehab time with locked doors.Are some judges and prosecutors just really that stupid.People, she is partying with her friends with drugs and alcohol and laughing in your faces because she knows you all have no cojonees and you'll end up giving her some nothing sentence.Then she will screw you all over again. Overcrowding? what about all the money you are going to waste on her again after flies off one more time.She thinks her sh*t don't stink.She is a habitual liar, alcoholic and trouble.Every body knows that if it was one of us, we would have been sentenced to hard time already.You are a lowlife.

  15. Cheryl L Taylor

    Hell NO! this kid needs to do some real jail time I am so sick of these people getting away with everything when you know dang well if it were Us we would have been bye bye along time ago…

  16. Anonymous

    White Privilege…can do whatever; and still remain a star.

  17. Buce McLaughlin

    What's with our court system today, that punishes people 10 x's as more than this twit? If YOU commit the same offenses, they'll throw your ass in jail, and throw away the key, or fine you into poverty.

    I knew this guy that was jailed for a MONTH and paid ridiculous fines, after a hearing, just for a DUI.

    This shows that the poor, are EASY TARGETS for the legal system and the rich get away with just about anything, because they can buy themselves out of any legal situation even if it's a crime.


  18. Laura Smith

    I am so sick of hearing or reading in the news about this ignorant B_ _ _ _ H, and how our courts keep letting her go to kiddy camp or don't punish her at all. Personally I wish she would just fall off the face of the earth..

  19. Joseph A. Cappachione

    Until she has to face the consequences of her actions, she is never going to get the help she needs. Cutting her another break is just a continuation of the enabling that has gotten her where she is now.

  20. Bobbie Haluska

    I give up – Amish citizens get 15 years for cutting beards and hair of fellow Amish and she continues to be babied and given every break in the book.

  21. Swat Kaynine

    Enough is enough. She has had so many chances. So many people have tried to help her, yet she still has an attitude. She needs to go to jail and bring her back to reality.

  22. Anonymous

    People need to call for the prosecutors firing. Its really that simple. Time to start removing the people derelict in their duties they are paid to provide. She is a problem, yes, but their are people in charge of a system paid by everyone to properly deal with her kind of problem and they are not doing it. Be assured their are people who idolize her and are gaining a dysfunctional belief in wrong and right as well as what they can expect from the punishment system. in short, this Prosecutor is creating other MONSTERS. so people need to CALL petition for this prosecutors firing.

  23. William Ludolph

    Do you really have to ask that question? My lord she already had that send this biotch to jail/prison already. She already lied to the judge and even her lawyer lied too and that was even before they even set 1 foot in the court room. There has to be a judge that has bigger balls then the last judges that she has had MY GOD SHE HAS MADE A MONKEY out of the court system in CA cant they see that if so happens that the jails are filled up THEN LET SOME PEOPLE OUT THAT DESERVE TO BE OUT AND THROW HER ASS IN THERE ALREADY. It dosent take a freaking rocket scientist to figure that one out. Jail time what 3 hrs WTF. Working out a deal? Let this go to TRIAL. I agree with James if she walks we need to contact the FBI in CA and have them do a investigation on the court system and the jail system plus do a investigation on the judge that was lohans last judge cause something isn't right.

  24. Donald W. Grab

    a car accident nearly a year ago and this is still not resolved. her NYC attorney is probably charging her thousands but money like her other hollywood ilk aren't that important when they dictate to the courts what they want. just another case of a ultra liberal justice.

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