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Woman Accused Of Voter Fraud: ‘I Forgot I Voted’ [Video]

Voter fraud

St. Peter, MN – An 86-year-old woman is accused of voter fraud after casting two ballots during last year’s presidential election. Her explanation? She has dementia and forgot she voted already.

Grandmother Margaret Schneider of Minnesota has never gotten so much as a parking ticket in her entire life, but now she’s staring down a felony charge with a possible $10,000 fine and a five-year prison sentence for voter fraud. During the 2012 presidential election, Schneider cast two ballots: one absentee, and one in person.

“I’ve always voted — ever since I’ve been old enough to,” she explained to her local Fox affiliate. “It’s driving me crazy, I’ll tell you the truth,” she said of the letter that informed her that she had been charged with voter fraud.

Schneider says that she has dementia, and that she struggles at times to remember her own grandchildren. She does daily word-find games to try to keep her mind sharp, but she is unfortunately fighting a losing battle. She says that losing her memory is frustrating enough without having to deal with voter fraud charges now leveled against her.

“It’s very hard to remember everything,” Schneider says of her struggle. “Why didn’t they tell me to go home? That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” she said of the employees at the polling booth.

Somewhat fortunately, Michelle Zehnder Fisher, the county attorney, says that while she’s required by law to file charges against Schneider, she’s not interested in seeing her imprisoned.

“If I have probable cause to believe the crime occurred, I do not have discretion to charge,” Fisher said. “I have to charge it.”

Part of the problem is that voter fraud requirements differ from other crimes.

“I’m given discretion in every other aspect of my job,” she said. “I would like to have that same discretion in voter cases.”

Do you think that the state should go easy on Margaret Schneider? It’s not exactly like the last election was close, was it?


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15 Responses to “Woman Accused Of Voter Fraud: ‘I Forgot I Voted’ [Video]”

  1. Diane Allen

    Oh my gosh, really? Let's try some people on real voter fraud…Arizona, Texas, Florida. Really? Minnesota?

  2. Eleanor Mitchell

    I believe her. I almost did the same thing for the same reason. Only at the last moment, on my way to the polling station did I remember sending in the Absentee Ballot, and I am more than 10 years younger than Ms. Schneider.

  3. Tami Price

    If she has to charge her then fine, all the lady has to do is provide proof of her medical condition and they HAVE to drop the charges! Besides, they need to investigate why the polls didn't see that she already voted Absentee and send her home! There may have wanted to take advantage of the situation if they knew how she voted and wanted one more for that candidate!

  4. Rocco Borman

    I don't care who she voted for or what party shes with, you can tell she's not lieing by the way she answers immediately. Drop this case it's just ridiculous.

  5. Diane Patterson

    She must have voted Republican, otherwise it would be non-news! The charges need to be dropped!

  6. Shelley Stowers

    it's a sad day when this country will allow illegals to "slip thru" but you have a woman who is patriotic enough to make sure she votes regardless of medical conditions, and a mistake happens, you know I have to wonder what happened to the woman in ohio that was bragging that she voted 6 times, THAT lady broke the law, this one didn't do it deliberately. Drop the charges and leave her alone.

  7. Sarah Fortucci

    Hopefully her doctor will be able to step in and give testimony as to her medical condition. I'm sure it won't get very far as the DA doesn't actually want to see go through either. I can definitely believe it was all just a big misunderstanding, even at the polling place I'm sure it was just a mistake and someone just forgot to check the Absentee list.

  8. Shelly Forster

    What about the woman in Cinn. OH,…one the the swing states..she admitted to voting twice! In fact there are several cases of voter fraud in Hamilton County alone. Her name is Malowese Richardson, and has worked the polls in her district for over 20 years, yet she didn't think she was breaking the law when she voted twice, in fact, there is a possibility she voted up to 6 times. I cannot find where she has even been charged. All she has said, it that she voted twice in order to make sure her vote counted. I am furious over this! I feel like our democratic system is being mocked, and I fear it can no longer be trusted, if these woman have so easliy gotten away with this unlawful behavior. They need to be charged (voter fraud is a class 4 felony) and the public needs to be made aware that this will not be tolerated. Otherwise, voter fraud will run rampant in 2016!

  9. Penny Wells

    If the state where she voted was doing their job, she would never have been allowed to get a second ballot. In Oregon we had to state our name, and have our voters card. Then we voted and returned the ballot. Our name was marked off and our name was announced out loud that we had voted. If anyone had tried to vote again they would know and not allow another ballet to be given… I just don't get all of these problems with other states…Now we get our ballots delivered to our mailbox. We vote and drop the ballot in boxes set up for them…We have a high voter turn out and very few mistakes….the only fraud Was when a lady doing the counting was marking ballots that had not been totally filled in with republican names….She was caught right away and charged with voter fraud…

  10. Penny Wells

    That is a funny statement considering it was the republicans that were doing their damnedest to find ways to keep people from voting…you need to turn off Fox….you have a totally backwards idea of the truth…

  11. Daniel Lexington

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  12. Michael E McKinzy Sr

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