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Where’s My Refund? 4883C Letter Causes Widespread Delays, Frustration For Taxpayers

The IRS’ “Where’s My Refund” site is currently under siege by taxpayers, all of whom eagerly await a rebate of a portion of taxes paid throughout the year due to an arcane series of loopholes, credits and adjustments — but as many as one of every ten is facing an unexpected and lengthy delay after receiving a 4883C letter.

If you’re checking the IRS “Where’s My Refund” page or using the iPhone and Android IRS2Go app (least fun game ever), but are in receipt of the vague 4883C letter, internet tales of woe abound for the unlucky recipients.

Like much involving the Internal Revenue Service, Joe Taxpayer is in the dark about the implications of a 4883C letter (though everyone loves a letter from the IRS), and “Where’s My Refund” seems to be shedding no light on what to expect when you get it — or, more to the point, when you will get your tax refund if you’ve gotten a 4883C letter from the IRS.

IRS reps were unable to shed much light on what triggers a 4883C letter, whether it is random or specific to your submitted tax documents, advising those in receipt to call a tax advocate for more information. And the popular “Where’s My Refund” site — often inundated by taxpayers in general — as well as the IRS2Go app simply informs letter recipients their refunds are “processing.”

One of the bits of information not on the “Where’s My Refund” site but continually mentioned by internet users who got the 4883C letter is that it may relate to a flag for identity theft — but little else is known precisely how to avoid what appears to be a quite lengthy delay.

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