This BlowGuard will not save you in a wind storm

I’m not even sure how to intro this piece of gadget news – well at least I think you could look at it as a gadget. Hell a hooker probably could write it off on her taxes but still how to you politely share the information about a dental nightguard with a built-in vibrator.

According to the Las Vegas Weekly this gadget, also known as the BlowGuard, is the brainchild of a children’s dentist out of Florida. Dr. Joe explains how the idea came about:

That’s sort of how Blowguard came to be: “This lady came in (for a consultation) with fake teeth, and we had to make her a new set of teeth,” says Dr. Joe. “Her dentures moved a little bit. So we made her a nightguard. She went home and gave her boyfriend a blowjob, and she reported back to me that he loved it.”

From his booth at the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo how the dental nightguard, with built-in vibrator can be used on either a man or a woman.

“If you use it on a man, it goes on the lower teeth. When he goes in, and slides in and out, it vibrates the bottom part and offers a smoother feeling. And then, he can put it in his mouth on the upper teeth, and go down on her!”

You can grab your own vibrating nightguard at the BlowGuard site for the measly price of $27.95. Isn’t technology just grand.