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Gordon Ramsay Talks Feud In New Interview

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay opened up about his feud with father-in-law Chris Hutcheson during a recent interview with Men’s Journal.

The feud between Ramsay and Hutcheson is both personal and business related. The two used to be partners and opened up several restaurants together. But things turned sour when Ramsay became suspicious of some loans that Hutcheson was taking out from the company.

A series of lawsuits were filed and the two men ended their business relationship.

But Ramsay’s bitterness toward Hutcheson isn’t purely about money. The celebrity chef also says that Hutcheson had a secret family. Ramsay even hired a private eye to spy on Hutcheson to find out about his secret life.

Ramsay told Men’s Journal: “First my father let me down, and then my father-in-law let me down … In a sense, I’ve had two shit dads. I mean, Tana’s mother would be on the phone with Chris, and he was saying to her, ‘Oh, my God, the snow in France is ridiculous, and I won’t be back for a few days,’ while literally at the same time the detective was on the other line saying to me, ‘Right, he just landed at Heathrow, and he’s being picked up by a blonde, who’s driving his car.’ ”

In addition to the affair, Ramsay is also still angry with Hutcheson for tossing his wife Tana and their children aside. After the lawsuits, Hutcheson allegedly sent Tana a text message that read “your the biggest disappointment in my life” and said that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

gordon ramsay

Ramsay said: “And then to cast Tana and the grandchildren off like he did. I mean, what would it take for me to do that to my daughter? What kind of man would I be? What kind of evil f**k would you be, to shit on your family to that extent and bring in this new family that had been hidden for 20 years? What kind of man would I be?”

But Hutcheson isn’t the only person that Ramsay is seemingly feuding with. He also talked to the magazine about his relationship with other chefs like Cat Cora and Bobby Flay.

Ramsay said that Cora was too afraid to compete on MasterChef and that he has forgotten more than Bobby Flay knows about cooking.

Ramsey also commented on Frank Bruni’s infamous two-star review.

Ramsay said: “Frank Bruni f**ked me sideways, but the fascinating thing about that, I knew he had the hots for my French maître d’. But I mean, what’s Frank Bruni doing now? Tweeting about the government? I piss myself. I wish him the very best.”

But are you really surprised that Ramsay has a couple of feuds going?

Ramsay may still be upset with his former business partner, and some of his fellow chefs, but he’s trying not to dwell on the past. The celebrity cook told Men’s Journal that he doesn’t have time to sit back and contemplate his life.

Ramsay said: “I’m always going forward. I’ve never had the time to sit and contemplate … An introspective side? … I don’t really, I don’t think so. I’m scared of standing still. I shit myself. I need to move.”

Gordon Ramsay talks more about his feud with Hutcheson in his interview with Men’s Journal but he also talks about his shows, restaurants and his family. The new issue of Men’s Journal hits stands today.

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25 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay Talks Feud In New Interview”

  1. Andrew Thomas Regan

    Who cares what Gordon Ramsay, no matter how well a man does on his show, he will pick some blond to win. I stopped watching him because of his favoritism with the female contestants.

  2. Anonymous

    Here's the run down on this reality show over hyped ego want a be iron chef. he is known to treat women horrible with sexual harassment, I know 3 women that have been thur his bullshit. Second, he's not that good at what he does. His steak house is over priced, his burger place is average at best. These reviews are coming for the culinery community in my area. selling a TV show is one thing, but his verbal insults to women asking to get laid and bend over b#$%# is worst than a crappy rap video.

  3. Tait Humble

    The guy cracks me up. He's so brutally honest sometimes that it definitely crosses a line. But, as harsh as he may be, he's still honest.

  4. Tait Humble

    Gordon cracks me up. He's so high strung and brutally honest sometimes that you just want to punch him. But, as harsh as he may be, he's still honest.

  5. Tom Linder

    Frotiger–Why don't you learn the English language before you attempt to criticize someone as successful as Gordon Ramsay? The phrase "is want to be" not "want a be." The first letter of the first word of each sentence is capitalized. The word is "culinary" not "culinery." Also, study up on the proper use of commas. Did you complete the fourth grade or drop out?

  6. Shawn Eaton

    Ya he's not that great… there is only one chef in the world that has more Michelin Stars then he does.. though he does seem like he would be as big a dick in real life as he is on screen.

  7. Paul Ponte

    I'm only going to comment on what I know, and that is the cooking ability and skill of Cat Cora and especially Bobby Flay. I've watched both of them for the better part of a decade, and there is no way they could be faking the skill and technique that they demonstrate every time they cook. I admire Gordon for his culinary expertise, but it seems as if his ego and jealousy are getting the better of him.

  8. Dan Sperl

    I couldn't agree more. If he can't respect other accomplished chefs, he is really not worthy of praise.His "act" may have been entertaining at first. Immaturity gets way too much praise today. For all we know it may be acting, too. Maybe they all have a good laugh at our expense after the show. It may be scripted for all we know!

  9. Anonymous

    What a hypocrite Ramsay is being mad at his father in law for cheating for 30 years, when Ramsay himself had a mistress Sarah Symonds for at least 7 years until he got caught. Then when someone talks bad about his restaurant he has to deflect by saying the guy wanted to band the hostess?

  10. Darryl Borque

    Couple comments here…. Why did Cora quit Iron Chef? My summation: she was asked to leave because she wasn't winning and wasn't keeping up to Iron Chef quality.
    I watched Bobby Flay vs. Morimoto on the ORIGINAL Iron Chef and Morimoto himself says he isn't professional.
    Never have been sold on Flay. Adding tons of spices to your food only masks technique and skill of cooking.

    As for the MICHELIN STAR Chef Ramsey, he sometimes is brutally honest which people cannot handle. He openly admits at failings. And as for his food, it isn't drowned in spices. Thus resulting in food tasting like…..well…

    Where is those Michelin Stars for FLAY and CORA?

  11. Darryl Borque

    I'd put very little credibility in anything a hooker like her says. If you believe everything she says, you might need to examine your own morality.

  12. Jeff Soo Hoo

    This coming from a man who allegedly had a 7 yr affair behind his wife's back.

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