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High School Coach Dies In Freak Accident In California [Video]

coach dies in freak accident

The football coach at Rio Linda High School died in a freak accident on Monday night.

Marion Adams, who coached track as well as football, was riding his bike home from practice on Monday night when he was impaled by a parking garage gate.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Adams was leaving practice on his bike when he turned around to say goodbye to his players. That second of distracted peddling would prove to be fatal as Adams didn’t see the partially open metal gate until it was too late.

Mike Morris, the athletic director at the school, said: “Marion was the most popular and nicest man on campus; just a great guy… It’s a huge loss, devastating to our community.”

Adams, who graduated from Rio Linda High School in 1972, returned to his Alma Mater recently to take up a coaching job. His bother, David, said that Marion gave up a high paying job in order to start his high school coaching career.

Adams brother, Davis added: “Marion loved kids, loved seeing them do well… He absolutely loved Rio Linda. He gave up a job that paid really well to teach and coach at his favorite school.”

Here’s a video report about the freak accident that took coach Marion Adams’ life.

Marion Adams is survived by his wife Kathy, and his two children Joe and Sarah. He also leaves behind seven siblings, his mother, and two grandchildren.

Terry Ray, the Rio Linda High boys basketball coach, said: “Still in shock… I know people say this a lot about people, that they’re great when we lose them, but Marion Adams was a wonderful man and teacher.”

Fox News reports that hundreds of people turned out for a vigil for coach Adams on Tuesday night.

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49 Responses to “High School Coach Dies In Freak Accident In California [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    the worst part is that there is no need for gates. my old school put up gates since I had graduated, they look ugly and there development was based in fear and control.

  2. Steve Robinson

    Andy you are right. Bush nearly destroyed the American economy. Thanks to Obama and the work of many fine Americans the country is coming back to having a strong and positive image in the world.

  3. Debra Asbury

    This is such a childish comment to make. Someone who was a great person who liked to help and care about others died. All you can do is make stupid non relevant comments. Get a hobby that exercises you brain not diminishes your worth.

  4. Jen Braun

    Horrible. "That second of distracted peddling would prove to be fatal as Adams didn’t see the partially open metal gate until it was too late." But what was he selling? Or did you mean pedaling?

  5. John Salvi

    Can relate. Once plowed full speed on my bike into part of house between garages. Was looking up cause of bloody nose

  6. Richard Little

    Somebody dies and you really need to point this out? I think everyone understands what was meant. Is it that important for you to try to come off funny inspite of someone losing their life? Pathetic.

  7. Adam Cummings

    Very sad he sounds like a great guy. I ride a bike alot and you have to always watch what is going on around you. Riding can hurt or kill you that is true but it helps more people then it hurts.

  8. Katie Greylak Retzlaff

    How awful! Not to sound insensitive, but this sounds like something straight out of a Final Destination movie — unreal. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.

  9. Wayne Folds

    For every 1 person that is stupid enough to say "thanks to Obama" there are 5 others stupid enough to believe you. That's what is destroying our eceonomy…

  10. Bill Vaughn

    So which was worse the bloody nose or the injuries from the crash??

  11. Bill Vaughn

    Obama blames Bush too.After all he has only been out of office 9 freakin years.Cant fix these things overnight…or even in a decade……

  12. Gregg Macey

    But they don't tell you what HAPPENED! Did he hit his head on the GATE? Did he hit the gate and FALL on his head? Did the gate PIERCE his chest and stop his heart? At least tell us WHAT killed him.

  13. Loren Moore

    Steve, how many decades has your head been kept out of daylight? If you believe President cause the economy to collapse and that BO is rebuilding the economy you are definitely lost.

  14. Debra Cabales

    I am so sad to read such a sad story.My heart go out to Marion Adams family, friends and students and all who knew him. My sincerest condolences to all. At this time of such deep sorrow, I hope you all find some peace and comfort knowing what a beautiful spirit he had. God Bless you all. Rest In Peace Marion Adams…

  15. Mark Wilson

    Jen you are a real dumb A$$….Not funny and (as Richard said) …Pathetic !

  16. Mark Wilson

    I agree…Another reminder of how quickly life can be over for any one of us……Enjoy life each and every minute you have, cherish your family and true friends and cast out any drama or negative person in your life because time is sooo short……Live, Love and Laugh ! !

  17. Bill Coffey

    so very sorry to family and students for such a freak accident to take such a good man from you R.I.P. Coach

  18. Anonymous

    Rest In Peace Marion Adams! My sincerest condolensces to the Adams Family. What a selfless and good man he appeared to be (i've never met him). It is folks like this that give a glimmer of hope to this country and this state (CA). Those of you who shared time and space with Mr. Adams have my heartfelt condolensces as well. Never forget this man and carry on his legacy, God Bless and Peace be with you!

  19. Tom Davis

    I find it horrible and insensitive that a supposed professional writer and his/her editor did not value this story enough to properly proofread it. Either that, or they both thought that "peddling" was the correct word. In that case it would be pathetic.

  20. Gordon F Moorhead

    why don't you go back to school and learn how to spell you idiot

  21. Rex Conrad

    it still amazes me that instead of trying to make a change in the real world keyboard heroes will waste time posting irrelevant political comments on a story about the loss of a REAL productive member of society.

  22. Austin Cunningham

    I feel for his family. This horrific school violence must end! I submit that we BAN SCHOOL GATES, or at the least start a National School Gate Registry.

  23. Jamie Wilson

    What does anything involving political views have to do with the death of a man? But since it is mentioned. Recently, when the Obamas went to South Africa; Michelle Obama put her two daughters on the payroll as 2 additional advisers. Who is stealing from the American public! Who is running up debt on tax payers expense! Look no further. Some people are so stupid.

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