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Superstorm Sandy Bigger Because of Arctic Ice Loss

superstorm sandy was worse because of arctic ice loss

Superstorm Sandy turned left toward New York and New Jersey instead of right toward the Atlantic Ocean like most October hurricanes, with disastrous consequences. Now a team of scientists from Cornell and Rutgers Universities believe they know the reason why. A report by

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  1. Jack Wolf

    Below is a link to a recent seminar titled "The Frightening Reality of Sea Level Rise" with Dr. Harold Wanless at Cooper Fellow Lecture Series in Miami, 2012. His lecture is timely in light of recent news regarding ice sheet disintegration and permafrost thaw.

    Although his focus is on Florida, the east and west coasts are also discussed Dr. Wanless is able to pull together all the latest research and present it in a clear message. And, that message isn't good for any of us.

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