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Michael Vick Dog Training, NFL Star Enrolls In K9 Class

Michael Vick goes to PetSmart with is dog, Angel.

A view of Michael Vick dog training in the past would be one of him teaching dogs to kill one another. Now the three-time Pro Bowl selection is taking his pup to training classes at a New Jersey PetSmart.

Vick’s dog is named Angel, a Belgian Malinois, and is being trained by Vick at the local PetSmart according to Crossing Broad, a Philadelphia Sports Blog.

Michael Vick has been accompanied by his bodyguard and family members on each occasion and even stopped to take photos with an employee and his puppy.

Anything involving Michael Vick and dogs has never been viewed well in the past. Vick spent almost two years in prison for illegal dog fighting a few years back before returning to the NFL.

Just last fall, Michael Vick released a statement in front of the press about his view on owning a dog after his stint in prison:

“I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet. As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals.

“I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family.

“This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.”

The statement was firm and seemed to be honest. Vick made these remarks just this past October, so my guess would be that they still hold true today.

There are a lot of questions going forward for Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles. With just one year left on his contract, the Eagles signed Dennis Dixon.

There has been a lot of talk about Vick being moved, possibly before the season starts, due to Nick Foles success late last season and Chip Kelly bringing in his former player Dennis Dixon. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been mentioned as a possible suitor for Vick.

No matter where Vick is playing football next year, the current focus remains on the irony of him partaking in dog training classes. Most people have yet to forgive Michael Vick for his involvement in illegal dog fighting a few years ago, and some never will.

Here Michael Vick takes a photo with an employee of PetSmart after dog training with his puppy Angel

Whether Vick is scrutinized for the rest of his life or not doesn’t seem to be bothering him one bit, as he was all smiles at PetSmart. Both Vick and his dog Angel are probably better off with the training than without it. Michael Vick dog training can quickly become confused with dog fighting considering his disgraceful past, but that won’t stop Vick from enjoying his pets with his family.

[Image via Crossing Broad]

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30 Responses to “Michael Vick Dog Training, NFL Star Enrolls In K9 Class”

  1. Roman Montijo

    He is using his past to become an instrument of positive change. The man did his time learned his lesson he obviously is not into or nor does he condone dogfighting no more. There is nothing wrong with him owning a dog that him n his family will love and take care of. You are just a dumb racist ass hick with nothing good to say, keep your retarted ass comments and distorted views to yourself. Stop hating on the man and worry about your own life.

  2. Wendy Green

    Past history speaks of future behaviour-Belgian Malinois have very fragile temperaments-he better not come down hard on that dog! I should know-I have Malinois-extremely loyal but VERY VERY sensitive! I am praying for that dog! And they are NOT dog aggressive-he better not try to make them something they are NOT! I have my doubts about that jerk.

  3. Mary Degon

    POS Never should have been allowed to own another dog, or live with one. If he truly wanted to make amends, perhaps he would pay for all the care & rehab his dogs needed after being freed from this Monster & his associates!
    Make a donation to Pit Bull Rescues! VOLUNTEER at shelter – He has learned Nothing, It meant Nothing to him to fight & kill dogs, he doesn't give one Sh*% about animals. Matter of fact now that his career is in the dumpster- he is using Animals Once Again to regain some press & publicity! Pray for that dog! I hope that AC is watching him Ever So Closely- and does checks on the dogs welfare!

  4. Sue Siegfried Nuzzo

    He shouldn't be allowed to have a dog….he abused dogs for money

  5. Michelle Holley-Palmertree

    He should have never been allowed to legally have anymore animals. I wish I could get that dog away from him and I hope he is being monitored. Petsmart won't allow "pit bull types" in their doggy daycare, but they allow Mike Vick in the doors? Hypocrites.

  6. Imma Tha Pibble

    "Vick spent almost two years in prison for illegal dog fighting a few years back before returning to the NFL."

    LIES! The POS did not do one frickin day for the dogs! Hope that someone takes those legs out from under him… come on Football Season!

  7. Imma Tha Pibble

    Here is hoping for a good strong closeline play . . .Obviously Roman you are the same type of character that would say let a pedophile babysit the children . . . Same Thing Buddy ! Animal Abusers never change they are like Child Abusers and Molesters . . . They are MONSTERS

    btw . . . the word is spelled . . . "retarded" . . . Hating Monsters is not 'racist' . . . Animal Abusers is NOT A RACE . . . ya doof !

  8. Kate Sheeks

    Roman have u SEEN the dogs he owned??? Do u KNOW what he did to the ones that lost??? Til u do u should keep ur mouth shut! And maybe pick up a book. "The Lost Dogs". Its all about the torture they went thru at the hands of Michael Vick.

  9. Donna Jackson

    I will not be spending any coin at Pet Smart. They were actually using this SOB's being there as press fodder for their chain. Well it broke the chain for me. I think he's full of crapola and will always be a cruel owner to any unsuspecting, innocent animal he is near.

  10. Sherry Mothershead

    I wonder if he has seen how the dogs that were saved from him have turned out, or if he even cares. They certainly are better off without him. He should have been made to pay for all the care they received and still do to this day. I pray for Angel. It's possible to change, but I guess the lack of remorse is what gets to us. But he is being watched.

  11. Debra Crawford Tracy

    It's also the TYPE of dog that he's chosen, folks. The Military & Police use the Malinois Breed for a REASON! Actually, it might be a good thing. God Help him if he pushes Angel too far. He'll find out real quick who the Boss is in that Pack! They're very loyal, loving dogs-but also very intelligent.

  12. Mary Degon

    Roman Montijo – I wonder where you get your ass backwards views? Have You ever seen a dog that was used as a Bait Dog? Have you Ever looked into the eyes of a dog Dying due to being fought? Have YOU Ever gave selfishly of yourself, your time, your money, your HEART to heal & rehab a dog that came from such hideous assholes as Michael Vick? Have you Read The book Victory Dogs? DO you Fully understand & comprehend WHAT he did, Over & Over & Over. Without Mercy, Without remorse?
    My One Wish for him is for someone to grab his feet & hands & Smash him to the ground Repeatedly until dead! He deserves what he dished out! Like it or not he is an Evil Monster & is a Waste of Skin & Air. To think that he "learned his lesson" just shows how ignorant you truly are. He is a Fame Seeker & he is a HAS BEEN, and he will always be a Murdering Animal Abuser. He will Never escape the scorn people hold for him – even after death!

  13. Kirsten Zielinski

    that scum sucking pig should not be allowed to be around any dog ever again. that the fact that he was never allowed to own another dog should have been written into any sentence he received. I do not blame petsmart at all but the fact that an employee would think it was ok to take pictures with him is unbelievable. though maybe they just did not want to cause a scene.

  14. Anonymous

    You people need help he doesn't fight dogs no more so he has no reason and will not harm his dog that him his wife and daughters will care for and love on a daily basis. N what kind of person would wish and hope physical harm on another human being that you don't even know from a can of paint I will pray for all of you.

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