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Illegal Immigrants Driver’s License Bill Now Pending In Ohio

illegal immigrants ohio

Illegal immigrants in Ohio may soon be able to get a driver’s license. A bill proposed on Monday would allow children brought to the Buckeye State illegally by their parents to apply for a license if passed. There are approximately 1,500 illegal immigrant children living in Ohio.

A total of 34 states now permit children of illegal aliens to become eligible for a driver’s license, 10tv News reports. A representative for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) recently stated that the agency is currently discussing the issue and reviewing policies.

The 190 Ohio BMV agencies are presently allowed to make such a determination on their own. The proposed bill would create a uniform law across the Buckeye State’s 88 counties.

Democratic Ohio State Senator Charleta Tavares does not think that the Ohio BMV review goes far enough to address the issue. Senator Tavares had this to say about the illegal immigrants driver’s license debate:

“These area children, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old who had no way of making a decision for themselves. I do believe it [pending bill] will pass this session. I don’t think we want to be the laughing stock. I don’t think we want to be the last one in. We are working to assist the youth who are falling through the cracks and who are in limbo through no fault of their own.”

Senator Tavares also believes that the inability for the children of illegal immigrants in Ohio to get a driver’s license “interrupts” their employment and educational opportunities. She also feels that passing the proposed bill will keep the state in compliance with new federal policies.

Ohio Senate Democratic Leader Eric Kearney and Tavares are the co-sponsors of the drivers licenses for illegal immigrants bill. The lawmakers reportedly want all individuals who have been approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) federal program to be able to drive in Ohio, according to the Ohio Senate website.

The DACA program allows illegal aliens who came to America as children to become eligible for legal employment status. The young people who qualify for the program must have had a “lawful presence” in the country for at least two years. The federal DACA program is not permanent not does it grant lawful residency status.

Senator Kearney had this to say about sponsoring the driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants bill:

“It has come to our attention that individuals approved by the DACA program and living in Ohio are encountering issues obtaining driver permits and licenses from deputy registrars throughout the state. Some BMV offices will grant licenses to these individuals while others will not.”

How do you feel about allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses?

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32 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Driver’s License Bill Now Pending In Ohio”

  1. DK Buford

    Not good. if the children have birth certificates showing they were born in this country, yes, they should be able to get a drivers license, but the others should get a license that states on for driving, not for identification use. Tennessee has been there, done that, after several of the 911 terrorists had been given Tennessee drivers licenses, they could board planes. Now TN just issues For Driving Only, NOt for Identification to board a plane or write a check.

  2. Sandi Thomas

    Illegals are ILLEGALS…their parents should have thought of this before the broke the

  3. Julie Long Hawrylak

    If they can't prove they were born here then why do I have to show my proof of citizenship?

  4. Abner De la Torre

    what about the children that where brought here like me that just want to study and get a job I'm no terrorist I'm just a student that needs a license to get a round and have a bank account to pay tuition. I was only 4 years old when I was brought to this country and that wasn't my choice I can't go to mexico I don't even know my way around and I wouldn't know what to do there. I believe people like me need this because a license is essential.

  5. Sar Carlos Clavel II

    Oh shut the fuck up people…only crime they did..was come here illegally….there white, blacks n latinos illegal…..if were going to be fair lets chade every illegal not just latinos dumb people…..other stayed over there visa period much fucking ignorance….!!!! Ok i want to see americans out in the fields picking vegetables etc…then we can talk! Such loosers!!

  6. BossBaby Bulliez

    We have all the other immigrants here we have asians, we have Africans and somalians and they are welcomed her by some people why the hell is it Mexicans are the ones not allowed here and we don't want to do nothing for? They are here trying to work and provide for their families, they are not in the welfare system like these other immigrants, you come into one of the job and family services and its over run with somalians.. Why the hell is it they cant be here? Half of these immigrants are welcomed here and giving businesses and cars and house they are living better then us Americans, how the hell is that ok? oh and lets not forget we have the rag heads here who have bombed our country and blew up our twin towers and bombs on planes and other shit as well, they were documented immigrants.. what have the Mexicans done besides sneak over the border?

  7. I'am Camino

    What about the rest that have been here since 1984 and due to red tape are still waiting to become legal? They have been paying taxes and everything else as if they have been legal what is up with them? They want and need a license as well. It's not all black and white any more.

  8. I'am Camino

    Whatever should of could of would of life happens you know?

  9. I'am Camino

    I don't recall Latino/Hispanics wanting to destroy America ( correct me if I'm wrong) one example Sandy Hook shooting another OK booming, yet another Twin Towers of NY all done my legal if not citizens of America. Stop hating on illegals yes they are bad but they don't hate America they all love America

  10. Juan M Delavega

    If you want to be off of illegals take all the unemployed to the fields to California and florida apply at hotels as house keeping as labors in construction for 7 or 8 dollars an hour when they don't have a place to work they are going to leave the country

  11. Linda Ofchinick Mcpherson


  12. Tania Salmeron

    Who is going to do that u let me tell u something I see many Americans living from unemployment for a year or to why because they don't want to work

  13. Mark Elrod

    Hmmmm, I guess alcoholics should be permitted to drive intoxicated, seeing as it is illegal. It's basically the same thing, permitting someone to drive in an illegal status.
    Another thing, I have been living in Japan for more than 11 years. They have A LOT of Filipinos over here illegally. They came her legally (because it's an island far from the Philippines & coming legally is the only way to get here), however, they over stay their visas.
    Now, here is the difference, when the Filipinos get caught, they don't whine & cry like little babies & claim they have a right to be in Japan. They have the COMMON SENSE to realize that what they did violated Japan laws, so they accept their fate & their deprtation back to the Philippines.
    The United States has become so "politically correct" that ANYONE can claim they are a victim & find support. Japan doersn't play that sh…. if you violate the laws, you pay the price. There is no whining & playing the "race card."

  14. Lilly Bakken

    So let's let them drive illegally and then they can't get insurance and then they get in an accident–yeah, real intelligent. Give me a break.

  15. Bryan N Kayla Graham

    How about we round up the ILLEGAL PARENTS when their kids come to get their license?? Sounds like the perfect idea to me! Since they are ILLEGAL!!!! Not undocumented. They are breaking the law thus ILLEGAL!!!

  16. Bryan N Kayla Graham

    Latinos and Hidpanics are destroying America by coming here illegally and not paying taxes and sending their money back to Mexico. They get free health care and food stamps and many other social funds. That is financially destroying America! Not to mention the thousands that turn to gangs and run drugs. Last time I checked the border patrol catches Mexicans crossing the boarders with drugs every day!

  17. Stephen Kingsley

    Illegal is a crime, not a race. If you want to immagrate to America, do it right, LEGALLY!

  18. Stephen Kingsley

    I'am Camino If they love America, let them do it legally and immigrate. But starting off by breaking the law, that means illegal. Against federal law to obtain a job, yet somehow, some do.

  19. Suzanne Emerson Christie

    You must not get out much. A lot of people aren't getting unemployment, and just because someone IS on it, doesn't mean they want to be. THIS I know for a fact. US need to take care of their own first, and there would be money to do that if so much wasn't spent on illigals! Us wants to save money? Start by sending the illegals back. Do your research. All the medical help they get when so many Americans that need help and can't get it. A lot of people including the elderly can't afford their meds. No, no help, Obamacare? That's a laugh!. A lot of people have to choose between food or meds., and that's a fac t! Again, do your research!

  20. Carmelo Soto

    Hey Bryan graham I'm a Latino according to your standards I have never got food stamps nor get free health care and I'm an American citizen by birth my parents are American citizens by birth. Don't judge all Latinos because you are mad at those coming here illegally. And by the way not only Mexicans are illegal in this country also Chinese,Russians and people from other European nations are illegally here to. Oh and by the way I'm not mexican and my little island had contribute to this country big time from soldiers all the way to NASA.

  21. Marisela Nuño Morales

    Oh Brian Graham, being ignorant like you is a PROBLEM!

  22. Marisela Nuño Morales

    There are plenty of jobs in this country, but the only problem is that no white person is willing to work in the type of jobs illegals do!

  23. Marisela Nuño Morales

    I recommend to all people watching the YouTube video and then they can say that they want all "illegal"immigrants to go back to their country. Hopefully an immigration reform bill will passed by congress and help resolve the status of many people who will benefit from it. I am so sick of listening to complaints against "illegals" ( I prefer to use the word undocumented) they get the blame for almost everything that is going wrong in this country.

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