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Mel B Booed During America’s Got Talent Auditions

America's Got Talent

Entertainer Mel B was booed during her first turn as a judge on the hit show America’s Got Talent.

The singer was on hand for the show’s first round of auditions in New Orleans when the audience vocalized its emphatic disapproval of her opinion regarding the performance of a local brass band.

According to an article by TMZ, the first act to take the stage was a popular New Orleans brass band by the name of Lagniappe. Following their performance, Mel B reportedly expressed to the group that she does not care for brass music.

The New Orleans crowd roared its disagreement as Mel B was booed and screamed at for her musical assessment of the hometown band. The audience reportedly screamed “no respect” at the Spice Girls group member, shouting at her to “go home.”

Mel B, was recently added to the judging panel on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which includes Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern. She was brought on board to replace Sharon Osbourne, who recently departed the successful show.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, the singer, born Melanie Janine Brown, has previous experience judging talent for television. She was part of the panel for the Australian version of X Factor and made guest appearances on the UK version of the show. She also popped up as a guest judge on Britain’s Next Top Model.

America's Got Talent

Paul Telegdy, president of alternative television at NBC, has stated that Mel B’s outspoken personality was precisely why he felt she would be a good fit for America’s Got Talent:

“To know her is to know a very frank, strong, enduring entertainer. Someone who has a very strong point of view. We needed somebody who was qualified for the job. She’s an amazing singer, dancer and a huge personality. The contestants will get a lot of constructive feedback from her and I can’t wait to see her chemistry with Howard and Howie.”

Model and television starlet Heidi Klum is also a recent addition to the America’s Got Talent group of judges. She was reportedly added during last minute negotiations mere days before her flight to the season’s first taping in New Orleans.

As for Lagniappe, it’s not yet clear if the brass band survived the competition following Mel B’s remarks. You can form your own opinion of their music from the video below:

Do you think Mel B deserved to be booed for voicing her opinion as a judge on America’s Got Talent?

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4 Responses to “Mel B Booed During America’s Got Talent Auditions”

  1. Mark Day

    At least the crowd had a brain. They should send all the contestants home, as none realoly have any quantifiable talent.

  2. Sam Spencer

    Bras band music gives me a headache in fairly short order too. Good for Mel B stating her opinion. If don't like it, "tough noogies".

  3. Beverly Gilmore

    This band is VERY talented and capable! Anyone who knows anything about New Orleans is that the majority of their musicians are considered to be among the best in the industry because of their style and variations in musicality. While Mel is entitled to her opinion, I would think that she should be capable of recognizing true talent when she hears it!

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