The Wagasky's were able to pay off their cars and buy a house with cash.

Family Of Four Lives On $14,000 A Year — And Loves It

Danielle Wagasky gets $14,000 a year to spend however she likes.

And $14,000 seems like a lot of money if you consider spending it on shoes, or clothes, or a small car. It would pay for a really nice vacation or even that motorcycle you’ve been dreaming about.

But could $14,000 feed, clothe, and house a family of four for a whole year? Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like that much money. In fact, it seems like just a teensy bit more than nothing.

Danielle Wagasky has been thrust into the media spotlight after reports of her family of four living off of a mere $14,000 a year. Her husband, a former military service member, is currently using his GI Bill to attend school full-time. Hence, the family receives $14,000 annually to cover their living expenses, while Wagasky’s school is covered by the government.

Danielle Wagasky is the blogger behind Blissful and Domestic. She says that a small budget is “a blessing, not a curse.” Wagasky states that her family is comfortable living off of the monthly allowance provided by the GI Bill, and has no need for more. Not only that, but the couple is also debt free. And they own their own home.

So, how does this work? I’m glad you asked.

Danielle Wagasky is the author of the blog Blissful and Domestic.