A Fall From Grace

David Lynch To Appear In ‘A Fall From Grace’

David Lynch will appear in his daughter’s film A Fall from Grace.

The eccentric director will reportedly tackle a role in Jennifer Lynch’s upcoming thriller. David Lynch will play the lead character’s father in the film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lynch co-wrote A Fall from Grace with Eric Wilkinson. The director said she didn’t have her famous father in mind when she penned the script.

Jennifer explained:

“I didn’t write the role with him in mind but I was thinking of him because he calls up so many powerful and yet fragile elements in my life and because this character is strong but broken down by dementia. So for me, it’s perfect.”

David Lynch told the website that he would be “putty” in the hands of his daughter. This is the first time she has directed her father in a film.

Cinema Blend explains that the Blue Velvet director will appear alongside Tim Roth, Paz Vega, Willow Shields, and Vincent D’Onofrio. Roth will play David Lynch’s son in A Fall from Grace.

Jennifer Lynch isn’t the only member of David’s family putting together a feature. Complex explains that son Riley Lynch recently launched a Kickstarter campaign the untitled project.

A Fall From Grace