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Beyoncé: First PETA, Now Morrissey Rips Into Singer During LA Concert

Morrissey Criticizes Beyonce At His Concert In LA

Beyoncé’s ears must have been burning on Friday. After the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) recent slam of the singer over her liking for exotic, animal skin sneakers, now Morrissey has waded into the row.

An outspoken animal rights activist, the ex-The Smiths frontman took Beyoncé to task on Friday night at his sell-out Staples Center concert in Los Angeles.

The reason? Beyoncé’s decision to commission a custom designed pair of Isabel Marant sneaker wedges from footwear fashion house, Perfectly Made Kicks (PMK).

According to PMK’s website, the sneakers were sourced from a smorgasbord of exotic animals including stingray, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile, and anaconda, and dubbed “The King Bey.”

Echoing PETA’s condemnation, Morrissey told the nearly 20,000 strong crowd that Beyoncé choice of handbags had led to the “extinction” of the rhinoceros, before singing a rendition of The Smith’s pro-vegetarian ode “Meat is Murder,” Billboard reports.

Quite why Morrissey singled out the mother-of-one for her taste in handbags when Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, Kate Middleton, hundreds of fashion houses, and millions of male and female consumers around the world buy and use animal-sourced products — is anyone’s guess?

Even the famous vegan Natalie Portman’s endorsement of Dior’s mascara and Miss Dior fragrances, technically links her to a company that uses leather in its accessories lines.

It’s not the first time that Morrissey has spoken up for animals. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 53-year-old recently ducked out (pun intended) of a guest slot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when he discovered the Duck Dynasty reality show hunters would also be on the show.

Morrissey’s statement at the time:

“As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty then we must step away.”

The singer, who has resumed his tour following his recovery from a bleeding ulcer and Barrett’s esophagus, also insisted that the Staples Center ban the sale of meat by food vendors on its premises. Bizarrely, the animal advocate also recently criticized Paul McCartney for being a Royalist and Kate Middleton for having acute morning sickness.

For their part, Perfectly Made Kicks have released a statement defending their practices and distancing Beyoncé from the exotic ingredients, Aol Music reports.

“No animals were beaten, harmed, or killed in the development and crafting of the ‘King Bey’ sneaker. The exotic skins used to construct the ‘King Bey’ sneaker were at the sole discretion of PMK and are not in association with any decisions, requests, or opinions of Beyoncé and her affiliated parties. All leather and exotic skins used by PMK are from a legal supplier in New York.”

"The King Bey" Beyonce, who has been criticized By PETA before, has now been slammed by Morrissey

Beyoncé has possibly responded to Morrissey’s criticism via what is becoming her typical modus — Instagram. Pictured wearing a hat with the word “Beyond” written on it, read into that what you will.

But seeing as even PETA notes that the singer’s House of Dereon uses faux fur, but they have yet to go after British Royals, powerful fashionistas — and the rest — with quite the same gusto; can we expect their obsession with Beyoncé to eventually extend to everyone else?

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4 Responses to “Beyoncé: First PETA, Now Morrissey Rips Into Singer During LA Concert”

  1. Lisa Clark-kahn

    What are they talking about when they say no animals were harmed for the sneakers.So the animals killed and skinned themsleves and then put themselves on the sneakers.Wow I didn't know animals could do that or would choose to.Also beyounce endorses the sneakers so yea beyounce takes full responsiblility for the skinned tortured killed animals that make up the sneakers that shes promoting.Get it.

  2. Lisa Clark-kahn

    In life its about at least trying to be nice to others, it seems beyounce goes out of her way to support fur and exotic skins and that sucks.Also why not single her out.Its a start.Just because others do crappy things top dosent mean you cant single a person out fot doing the same.

  3. Amber Keane

    Lisa, do you think animals prefer being made into burgers or belts? They probably want to live, so to suggest they care what they get made into is ludicrous. If you're eating meat, wearing suede, or leather, munching sweets, or even drinking milk — you are contributing to the death and/or consumption of animal products. It's time people started looking in the mirror instead of one person they love to hate.

  4. Lee-Ann De'Lune Wrightson

    Makes me sick that this damn woman goes around, pretending care when really she doesn't. I get so mad about that, she is subhuman, I really hope she gets those sneakers and breaks her fucking neck on them.

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