Talk about being brain-dead and getting it all wrong

What is it with big buck musicians and record companies, are they all just brain-dead and think that by blaming everything on music piracy that it justifies their stupidity and lack of any understanding of how to do business in the new Internet world.

Today is just a banner day for all kinds of music business ridiculousness. First we have Bono ragging on about how piracy is killing the music business and that we should institute some stupid Chinese style censorship to stop all those dirty low-down thieves.

Ya .. this is the country with the hight rate of any kind of copyright infringement. Hell even Google over there will let you search for any kind of music you want – legal or not. I can see that is a working plan.

Now (via the gang at TorrentFreak) we have a record company in Finland that has closed it’s doors to any kind of new music submissions. This is the notice you will find on the contact page for Lion Music

Dear Musicians,

We are NOT able to sign more artists. No demos or masters you send us will be considered for release. We will NOT listen to any mp3 files or check out your websites and we will NOT respond to questions regarding releasing your album.

The illegal file sharing on the net is killing independent music. We are sorry about this situation but we are sure you are aware of what is going on. Our demo policy will not change before our politicians have stopped the P2P sites. Illegal file sharing is not just about stealing from rich major companies. It is about killing independent music and making it impossible for many great musicians to have a chance to release albums and have a musical career even as a part time job.

Some people seem to think that file sharing does not affect record sales but these people don’t know what they are talking about. All musical genres and all kinds of artists are suffering and so will the genuine music fans in the end when the music they love will no longer be available in any guise – free or not. Next time you consider downloading an album for free or adding new torrents please think of the impact you are having on the artists – would you like it if we came into your home and stole your pay check?

So rather than try and find news ways to represent musicians in a way that is equitable to everyone they are just going to shut the doors. Talk about taking your bat and ball and going home.