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Google, Please Give Me My Old Home Page Back


Let me just come out and say it: I hate the new iGoogle. And I want my old home page back.

As you may know, I’m generally fond of many of Google’s offerings. But this change is just godawful, and it’s on a service that I (and many others) really depend on throughout the day. And I’m far from alone in my sentiment.

A Downgrade

The problem, to put it simply, is that the new iGoogle looks and functions like a downgrade from the last one. Honestly, if someone just showed it to me with no context, I would have taken it for an old alpha version of the service. There’s suddenly a huge amount of clutter, wasted space, and missing features. The new left navigation bar eats up valuable screen real estate and serves as a general annoyance. If some people prefer that to the small top bar navigation that used to be there, fine — but how about a choice instead of a forced change?

The new iGoogle also gets rid of the ability to show story headlines with the option to get an expanded summary within the widgets. You used to be able to see the headlines alone, then click on a “+” to see a short summary of any given article. Now, you are limited to the choice of headlines only — with no expansion capability — or a full summary for every headline on the page, which adds to the clutter problem.

The “Advantage”

The new configuration’s only real “advantage,” if you want to call it that, is the fact that you can now view any widget in a full-page mode. To me, that’s absolutely not the purpose of this utility. If I want to view something in a full-page mode, I can open it in another tab. I use my iGoogle page to get a quick glimpse of content at an easy glance, then decide where to go. If I want full-page in-window reading, I’d go to Google Reader.

The Real Reason?

But therein underscores what may be the ultimate reason for the change: The now-unavoidable full-page mode allows providers to place ads or other revenue-generating material within their content, whereas the previous non-full-page widget with optional expansion did not. It’s a benefit for the advertisers at the expense of the users.

Come on, Google. You guys are better than this. Give me my goddamned home page back — or at least give me the option to choose between the two. This is a downright downgrade from a user perspective, and you know it as well as I do.

iGoogle Update: Did Google Listen to the Complaints?

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139 Responses to “Google, Please Give Me My Old Home Page Back”

  1. Daniel Durham

    I hate the new igoogle too.. I have already switched to myyahoo for my homepage untill igoogle gets back the old way.

  2. Sawzalot

    10-4 rubber ducky! I definitely want my old home page back!

    I really don't like being held captive to someone else's idea of what constitutes an efficient home page for me. Give me more options, not less.

  3. Edna

    I TOTALLY AGREE 100% AND SO MUCH SO THAT I'M USING ALL CAPS, WHICH I NEVER DO! …Okay, I'm back to normal sentence case, sorry, but I just couldn't contain the level of my agreement! I love, love, love Google and iGoogle especially, but, as you say, this is a DOWNGRADE and for all the reasons you so eloquently described. Google: put the user back as your priority over the advertisers and give us our USER-friendly iGoogle page back! The new iGoogle is an affront to the users and to everything Google is supposed to be about, namely, fabulousness!

  4. acurapah

    I agree, give us the option of choosing the *old view* or the new version. The new version isn't working for me. I'm relying more on My Yahoo page.

  5. Frank

    My GMail gadget used to send me to GMail. Now it opens in canvas view and the old scroll-to-the-bottom-to-reply is back. If I want full-screen GMail I go there so I can have full functionality. This is bad on many levels for many people.

  6. GimmeBackMyStuff

    It is only a short term solution, but if you set your iGoogle language to “English (UK)” [ en-GB ], then you will get your old tabs back….For now. Once googles rolls this garbage out to the other languages, we'll be stuck with this garbage.

  7. Moxie

    I had switched to a Mac to avoid being Microfausted anymore. Now I need to find a new home page that doesn't waste space and can be totally personalized to my taste. Google – you have just joint Microfaust as a leader in poor end user experience.

  8. Larry Messer

    I fully agree. The old page was fast, compact and functional. Gmail reads are clunky, I can't get to the weather detail i need, etc. If I can't get the old view back, I'll dump iGoogle

  9. Mark

    bring back the old format
    I don't like the tab on the left side and blank screen below it. everything resized and awkward. I deleted all my gadgets and email everything to try and resize it back to the old format. I'll change my home/start page to something else. The old google was much better.

  10. Michael Barrile

    Seems to be the upgrade blunder of the year. I hate it and switched back to Yahoo

  11. Mark

    I have no use for the new awkward Igoogle except for my email account. Is there a way to forward my gmail to my new start/home page?

  12. Kathllen Hartman

    Amen, and Amen!! Google, if your don't want to lose home page customers. please bring back the “old” * (i.e. better) home page.

  13. R0b

    Google is famous for making ugly. Why are you surprised about this? iGoogle always looked like a webpage from the 90s. Build your own using a simple and free CMS like Drupal or WordPress. It isn't hard.

  14. Tom

    I've posted my complaints on other blogs, but since Google does nots even have a “contact us” on their help pages, I am sure it's falling on deaf ears. My complaint is a privacy issue. Unless I am missing something I can not supress the “Value” of my investment portfolios from being displayed or hide the “preview” of e-mail. If you have these gadgets on your home screen, the info is out there for anyone walking by or looking over your shoulder.

  15. garrak

    Thanks for speaking truth to the madness of the new iGoogle. Too many of the other media postings are spinning the kafkaesque change to the poor iGoogle service.

    Users are fleeing from the new iGoogle to places like where the homepage isn't so clunky or wasteful of screen realestate.

  16. anonymous coward

    well put.
    One important information missing is that some of us (including me) were chosen as beta testers a while back.
    end of august I had this sidebar on my iGoogle page and there was a note which was saying “we're trying something new”.
    I hated it in seconds, tried to revert back to original but could not. Tried to give FEEDBACK, this was an experiment right? So they must have been expecting USER FEEDBACK. I could not find any option/page/link for feedback, but there was a google group, whic required registration (even when you had a google/gmail account) to post. I did not register, but could read people calling google team names, many of which I agreed.

    Apparently nobody at Google cared about user feedback, and that my friends is sign of a NEW MENATLITY at Google, or had been there for a while but I was not aware of.
    Maybe this is not EVIL yet, but it certainly is NASTY and DUMB move.

    I switched my home page to google Canada, they still have the old version. I started reading lots of Canadian news now, but it ceratinly beats the new sidebar.

  17. OMyMan

    Yes, Yes, Yes… I totally agree!
    Please… At leat give us a choice !!


    GIV EME MY LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. RandomNRG

    Actually, this may affect more that just using iGoogle as a homepage. I was startled today (in Canada BTW) to see the new side tabs. Reading other posts, it has been around longer in the U.S. What really bothers my useage is the ease of moving gadgets from Tab to Tab. I believe now they have to be selected while on the page you want them to live on. How can you drag and drop gadgets in the new format??
    So in the “official google blog”, they state that the new iGoogle look will help developers. I can see that from a web designers perspective.
    Where it may affect google the most, is that I can still open Internet Explorer and get the old iGoogle. Not sure if they will get the update and then it will be the same everywhere, but the only place the new iGoogle is displaying so far is in the new (beta) Google Chrome browser. So I no longer use Google Chrome. Too bad, I was just getting used to it.

  20. JoAnn Chateau

    If Google “downgraded” iGoogle to provide advertising space, the advertisers ought to be outraged. 1) Irritated is not the mindset advertisers want viewers to be in when seeing their ads. 2) Advertisers are probably paying big bucks for diminishing value — a lot of people will stop using iGoogle.

    Most users who dump iGoogle will not bother to register a formal complaint, but they will complain about it to people that they know. This is an example of another kind of advertising; the most effective, the most sought after: Word-of-Mouth.

    Google has been so successful, but the way they recently changed iGoogle reflects arrogance and greed. Although I LOVED the old iGoogle, I don't NEED it. Fortunately, there are other similar service providers out there, and a lot of great search engines too.

  21. Mary

    I hate this new homepage!!!!!!!!!! A fourth grader would do better!!!!!!
    What is this???????
    Ten years ago was better then this, shame on you google!
    Correct or I am leaving!

  22. chris

    Right on this is my problem too I hate haveing my privacy violated like that I had to switch to a new home page.

  23. dale

    Well darn; I missed the English(UK) window. I don't really see any big problems with my news feeds (so far), but the lost space all the way down the left hand side is beyond annoying. Should we assume that it will soon be filled up with advertising? This is so not-google!

    I had also switched from myYahoo to iGoogle, but I think I'll go update my Yahoo page and see what they've been up to lately. If they're smart, they'll have a big 'welcome back' banner for all of us. 😉

  24. Jake (aka Jawee)

    Hmm, I rather like it actually. I have been using it since the developer preview and didn't know the change had been made. Good job Google!

  25. Shadow Two

    I woke up to find my nicely designed homepage a disaster! I use(d) about 10 tabs all filled with gadgets (home, medical, reference, gov’t info) and could get to any sub-menu with one click. NOW, my tabs have been stripped and moved to a “frame” on the left. I used to show people how I could get to my info in two clicks. NOW, I have to scroll to see my tabs. NOT GOOD!

    I would like the option to go BACK to the tab version and have a choice if I want the left-hand box.

    Google, not a good move. Any other surprises coming?

  26. rebranch

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. Apparently google developers never heard this. Architechs like to mess up really classy old squares and othere areas with their own quaint, often godawful, creations. I guess software developers have the same affliction. What do I have to do to be able to get to my email from igoogle?

  27. David

    It sure ruined my home page. I've since abandoned iGoogler and am now coding my own portal. Thanks, Google, but no thanks.

  28. Robert Thurman

    I want my old home page back and I don't want it changed the new one stinks. if I can't get the old one back
    i”m going the another server. so tell me how to get it back and stop missing with it.

  29. Paul Stager

    What can I do to get my old home page back!!!! I depend on it and it is costing me in many ways since they changed it!!!!

  30. chris

    I couldnt agree more the new igoogle just infuriates me its like it went back in time to the year 2000 it sucks bad i hate it with a passion!!!!!!!!

  31. chris

    I just heard there stock went up i dont know how that happened must have been before this horrible change because its about to go way way down!!!

  32. Allen

    Google is the company that can gather data about anything and the WEB is all about testing. The should have put the mess out there to try and then maybe they would have actual learned something. I, like most people, do not like bad crap shoved down my throat!!!

  33. Thomas

    Stop changing things around after I finally get adapted to the way things are. Who told you I wanted a change- I didn't!

  34. mum

    I'm old, not computer savvy, and my son fixed me up with my Google account about four years ago. I HATE this new igoogle, what the hell is igoogle? I HATE the 'new' home page. I HATE the left side bar. I HATE having to do 'extra' clicks to get into my email. My calendar isn't the same. What the heck. My son is off at college and I'm at a loss. Glad to hear other people are upset too. So how do I let Google know I HATE what they have imposed on me? This is a forecast of our future government?!

  35. Soon-to-be former Google user

    The gadgets/widgets are not that important to me, and I am searching for a better alternative

  36. Michael

    This is the kind of crap that caused me to leave yahoo so long ago. I won't go back there but am looking for the next place to land. Thanks but no thanks google.

  37. Jim

    I hate the new google homepages. You can get the old home page style (mostly) if you switch to the mirror site for the uk.

  38. terrygrover

    Google, you were doing so well. Please do not stuff this into our “Google” appreciative web experience. I (as most do) like choices. Mine, not yours. You gave me those choices then stuffed what you thought were my favorites down my throught. I DO NOT want my Gmail coming up as my home page! I DO NOT want my stock inquiries coming up as my home page. I DO NOT want my… whatever… coming up on my screen when I hit my “home” button! This is an invasion of my preferences/privacy. Undo it now, please!

  39. phlanze

    When I go on line,my Google home page does not appear but a page asking me to choose one.The only way I can get my home page is to sign on,then it comes up.I make internet opions has the right one but no,up comes somethingelse

  40. Pat MacLeod

    I want to unsubscribe to google and microsoft. Where in the hell is my old page!

  41. Lynn

    How do I get my old google home page back? I don't like anything about this new page,and hate the gmail shows up when you open it. How about if someone is using your computer they can see who has emailed you.

  42. Richard

    I completely agree. The left navigation column is most annoying to me since it takes up space and offers no time saving or any other benefit.

  43. Evon

    I think this new page is awful. I really want my old page back. I have been seeking solutions and so far none seem to be out there. I have lost a lot of stuff with this new version. Google please, please, please let me choose the old or new version.

  44. lil

    the reason I hate google right now is I accidently hit a wrong button and my home page is gooooooonnnne can't get it back I will either re enter every thing AGAIN or change to yahoo

  45. Dorothy

    Now I keep losing the new Google Home Page I have struggled to create every time I want to add a new item, ie. the Washington Post Political news today, and now I cannot even find my “new Google Home Page.” I hate the goddam beginning to hate Google, and am spending up to an hour a day trying to friggin' recreate a home page. I am too old for this, and I hate change…I am 70 years old and I want my old Google page back!!!

  46. Robert Tetor

    I have changed my account information on our account from the original account. I've recently ppurchased a laptop and wanted my own account. Now i can't get my old personalized homepage that i made back. Info and etc. i can't locate. How do i get it back and save it for future use if i have problems? Bob

  47. Dr. Juliana Nord

    How did I get the change from my Google home page to Yahoo?
    Please tell me how to get back!
    Dr. N. I depend on it!

  48. foxybutterfly

    I lost my igoogle but i don't know how to get it back, i'm new with these computers

  49. gloria leathley

    I want my old page back. I had set it up just like I liked it. Now, I turn on my computer to do the things I like, and they are missing. I don't have time to set my page up again. Just give me back my old page the way I had it.

  50. revin

    i agree in full too have had google as homepage for years gave google chrome a try but at least you could go back iam know looking at a new homepage with some one else


    Don’t like to have igoogle developers displayed without their clothes as my homepage. The portrait of the one on the far left is probably of the developer who was forced to do most of the work. I’m leaving. Maybe Opera really has something to offer besides clutter.

  52. Anonymous

    SADNESS! I feel betrayed with this ‘new’ google chrome. Seems rusty to me. I am mourning the loss of my good old efficient friend. why oh why did i push the stupid button? what was I thinking. whoa is me. oh whoa is me.

  53. Goomba141

    If you want the old Google, then all you have to do is click “Classic Home” on the upper right corner…

  54. Jaider Alba

    I hate this new google home page. I really want back the old google home page.

    I used to like google because it was simple and clean. All new stuffs that can be called as “utilities” are welcome. Otherwise, in my opinion, should be a optional configuration.

  55. Sarah Kelly

    I woke up one day about 2 months ago to find my google home page GONE I had down loaded alot of things such as time, day, weather, horiscope, face book window, Abowman hamster , ABowman Dog named Amythirst and coloured them all purpel and had a great back ground it was two unicorns I didn't know I had payed for these extras and to find then all gone from "Yo mama jokes to the quote of the day I , m very dissapointed as we /my daughter and myself spent alot of time on all sites looking choosing and such.Can you find IT PLEASE I will not down load again from GOOGLE if these things happen.

  56. Sarah Kelly

    I really don't like been held hostage to what someone else, s idea of what constitutes as an efficient HOME PAGE FOR me……..I want my old home page back as I could turn it on in the mornings before the day hasd started and see the weather the TIME and get a giggle and see my horiscope as well as seeing if there was anything I wanted to see on Fb with out having to log on COME ON FIND MY OLD HOME PAGE do you think this blank one is more appropriate for me well F u then Google and thanks for nothing as this helped not one bit.

  57. Sarah Kelly

    GIVE it back I spent hours on it and this new BLANK ONE SUCKS
    I want the old one back PleaseI dont like it u just made me have to like it to post my

  58. Colin Mayman

    Thats right Uncle Bill ~ just work something out & hey go change it !

  59. Gary Preston

    I want my old google home page back I hate the new one and will go to yahoo shortly.

  60. Harry Feiersinger

    If I don't get my old internet back I stop using it at ll….it socks…no spelling device.Can you show me how to fget back to the old one…..You giys are so clever and make a program wher no one can go back to the old system…are you comunistic minded or you belong to the Maffia?

  61. Harry Feiersinger

    First you Advertice. the new version is faster and better and if you don't like the new upgrade you can go back to the old internet…now the new one socks, put I can not get to the old one back. I have check everithing…no clou.

  62. Rita Lemkuil

    I had my old google back and it seems that igoogle hijacked it! What the fuck google? Give it back! I only had it for a day and a half and you went and screwed me AGAIN! PUT IT BACK AND LEAVE IT ALONE! I was sooooooooo happy for the short time we had together. Life was "normal" again. I want the time at the bottom and my controls at the top. Now, they're gone! Face me, I dare you!

  63. Grant Ennew

    I have lost my home google page and am pissed of with windows msn cause bing is crap and I hated it before and well may I say anymore the fn government of america piss offf I don;t like your controling lying attitudes you are stealing our freedoms of information rite out from under our noses do you really think we are stupid in the real world… wake up guyz…

  64. Grant Ennew


  65. Grant Ennew


  66. Sharon Brecker

    I always thought Google as a homepage, doesn't offer much anyway how could it get WORSE. Sry to all people who use it as a hp I use it as a search engine.

  67. Richard Lynch


  68. Mike Kent

    I tried to add multiple emails to gmail and have lost my original gmail page causing me to lose all of my online contacts as well as a lot of emails which I had not read I don't like the new format at all.

  69. Lynn Hudgins

    Google, I WANT MY OLD HOME PAGE BACK WITH ALL OF MY FAVORITES IN PLAce. I cannot find or do anything on the Igoogle!

  70. Gloria Einhorn

    Please please…I am a newbee…it took me forever to get this down! Please Please don't make me change! I will have to start all over again. I think I am speaking for alot of of (old fogies)!

  71. Rose Perretta

    please return the old home page I miss it dearly as a begginer on compoutor it was esy for me to learn and useas a starting lesson.

  72. Sue Edwards

    I want my old home page back or else, Iam going to change to something else, I don't enjoy my computer anymore., this sucks.

  73. Richard Lynn Livesay

    I am pissed off! these Nazi tactics of Google taking over my computer where I can't get my e-mail from yahoo is an invasion of my privacy. You are ruining the internet and I don't want any part of you anymore Czar-Google! DIE!###

  74. Louise Groulx

    How dare could you change people's MSN home page without asking us our approval.Who do you think you are?We want our old page back & if we don,t have a choice in the matter , at least give us Instructions how the new one , works.And please, next time, ask us our approval. OK…

  75. Marilyn Dufton

    In my opinion the old Google maps street view was much more authentic and easier to access than the new version. I have a new tablet but want the OLD GOOGLE MAPS

  76. Cata P. Truss

    I want my old home page back, I absolutely hate this page change it please. I thought about a lot of swearing but decided to keep it clean, but I want my old page back non@!

  77. Cheri Amburn Gwinn

    I HATE this new page! If I can't retrieve my previous one, I am going to pick ANOTHER SEARCH engine! BAD MOVE GOOGLE!

  78. Patricia Poor

    I don't know exactly what hapened to my google home page, in order to have a home page I was forced to axcept my yahoo as my home page. I was so comfortable with google I would love to have it back, i am a seniour sitisen and am new to the computer, i have lost the ability to conect to [ https// wild for wild life ]every time I get to it it tell, s me the link has ben broken. and now my heart is broken because I loved it. what good dose a computer do me if I cant go whear I want to.please help me get my old google back.

  79. Dwight Garner

    This is ridiculous! I did NOT ask for delta search or yahoo, but I have them both and can't get rid of them. If google is responsible for this, I will change to another engine. That annoying delta search is despicable. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it, and please don't give me a bunch of acronyms, because I don't understand them. I'm a 62 yo man who was having enough trouble with my PC without all of this hassle.

  80. Dwight P Garner

    Hello Dwight Garner , this is Dwight P Garner from Chester , SC , Hope you are well , I think I been getting alot of your e-mail , if you own a jag or lexus , please let them know that they have been sending me all your e-mail for some reason , take care and God bless

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