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James Holmes: Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect May Pursue Insanity Defense

James Holmes: Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect May Pursue Insanity Defense

James Holmes may attempt an insanity plea in his trial for a Colorado theater shooting that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded, his defense team hinted.

The decision on how to proceed with James Holmes’ defense has not been made yet. His attorneys filed papers in court on Friday that said they can’t make a decision on their defense until a judge roles on a motion they filed challenging the constitutionality of the state’s insanity defense law, The Associated Press reported.

The attorneys have argued that the law is not fair to defendants as it requires they turn over potentially incriminating information, which others who plead not guilty are not required to do. Legal experts believe that attorneys for James Holmes may be trying to keep potentially incriminating journals out of the hands of prosecutors.

The notebook had previously been off-limits to prosecutors because it was part of a doctor-patient relationship between Holmes and his psychiatrist.

James Holmes‘ attorney have said that he is mentally ill and was seeking treatment from a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Holmes faces 166 felony counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder in the shootings at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

Prosecutors still haven’t said exactly how they will proceed either, NBC News noted. They could still seek the death penalty, though no one has been put to death in Colorado since 1978.

If James Holmes is found not guilty by reason of his insanity defense, he would be sent to a psychiatric facility and release if it is deemed he has recovered, though experts say that is unlikely he would ever be set free.

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33 Responses to “James Holmes: Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect May Pursue Insanity Defense”

  1. Julia Withington

    He should be put in front of a firing squad and have the victims families allowed to pull the trigger on the guns. No insanity for this asshole he knew what he was doing.

  2. Tom Smith

    Absolutely Not.. Needs to be held accountable for his actions..

  3. Rebecca Gist

    I know so just look into his eyes he is in need of treatment. Sometimes the chemicals become unbalanced and alot of people do not understand this concept. Research the Brain and you will understand things can happen with the chemicals in the Brain.

  4. Alaina Duval

    He should not plea insanity he should plea guilty and have the book thrown at him because he took 12 lives he should get the death penalty

  5. Deborah Harris

    If he's found to be insane by psyhcologists, then yes.

  6. Sandy Ozanich

    He should be seen by mental health experts first. But, yes, if he is insane…that should be his plea.

  7. Gerard Scott Waite

    either way, he should not be released from prison or the psychiatric facility!

  8. Doris Doherty

    No insanity plea. Negative. Take the bastard out back and riddle him.

  9. Boone Sparrow

    He is obviously crazy and should be locked up for life or get the death penalty. He planned the killings and even had a diagram of it and sent it to his psychiatrst and was ignored. He did seek psychiatric help and was igbored.

  10. Peg Crites Tanquary

    How can he be allowed to put in an insanity plea when everything he did was premeditated.. he bought the guns, ammo, and clothing he wore well in advanced.. to be able to plea insanity, I feel he wouldn't have been able to do all that in advance of his actions. Most of the time, insanity is a surprise thing.. NOT PLANNED… and I say that everyone who had family or friends who lost their lives or where injured should be his jury.. let him try to convince them that it was insanity that took their family's and friends.

  11. Megan BlackPlague Swiger

    EVERYTHING he did was premeditated no way he should be allowed to plead insanity. He needs to be punished!

  12. Debbie Ackley

    What he did is horrible and inexcusable but if he was temporary insane that's for the experts to say. Seems you would have to be to do what he did. However, he should not be allowed to walk the streets a free man for the rest of his life.

  13. Antonette Sutton

    He should never be allowed to be a part of society again.

  14. Janet Khozozian Shemligan

    He looks it. Why takes chances? Hang him.

  15. Rosemary Cameron

    What happened to his red hair? Oh, I know. It is a lawyer thing….cut that hair boy. Makes you look nuts. Well, he is but he should not be allowed to please insanity. Being nuts and insane are two different things.

  16. Deborah Locke

    Is he insane? Yes But that doesn't mean that he did not know that what he was doing was wrong. Regardless, he should spend the rest of his life behind bars, one way or another.

  17. Susan P. Travis

    He can be nuts all he wants, for the rest if his life, in prison.

  18. Koren Billie

    He should not be able to UAE the insanity defense. He planned whathe was going to do, booby trapped his house, and made no attempt to get the help he felt he needed.

  19. Tami Borjon Langford

    If he is able to plead insanity he will be sent to a state operated psychiatric facility that is run similar to a prison. However, if he is ever deemed "sane" by the psychiatrist at the facility, he will be released back in to the community a free man. There is no way in H3LL this man should ever see freedom again. He needs to be punished to the fullest extent the legal system allows. In prison.

  20. Megan Rumley

    Hell No! He is a killer. He should receive death penalty so the innocent people he didn't kill don't have to pay for him to be locked up.killers should be killed similar to how they killed, sick asses.

  21. Elena B.Fiske

    Just looking at him , you can see he is crazy as a loon. Whatever sentence he gets, it should make sure that he never is free again! He is a true nut job!

  22. Gloria Sisco

    Absolutely not. If all the others that have pled insanity weren't allowed to do that maybe there wouldn't be so many killings. I am thinking eye for an eye.

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