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7-Year-Old Stabbed 31 Times By Her Mother

Child stabbed nearly to death by mother

New City, NJ – In a tragic murder-suicide effort, 45-year-old Dr. Victoria Vovchik slashed and stabbed her 7-year-old daughter Ava 31 times. Vovchik even resorted to slitting the girl’s throat before killing herself.

Dr. Kristappa Sangavaram, Ava’s father, found the two exsanguinated bodies next to one another in the master bedroom of the Quarry Road home Thursday afternoon, reports The Journal News. Sangavaram, 68, and Vovchik were never married but shared care of their daughter Ava and co-owned the residence. He immediately alerted authorities.

Clarkstown police detectives are now thoroughly investigating what prompted the horrific incident. No suicide note was left behind explaining the motive behind the grisly act, but Vovchik’s autopsy verified her wounds — two neck incisions — were self-inflicted.

Miraculously Ava survived the brutal filicide assault. She underwent lifesaving surgery and is listed in stable condition at the Westchester Medical Center. Emergency medics mentioned the girl was able to speak at the time she was treated at the scene. But police say it will be several days before they can properly interview the child about the incident. Ava is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

There is no official history of domestic abuse or assault regarding the couple. Mr. Sangavaram’s son, Preeth, recalled an incident in 2007 when police in New Jersey were forced to intervene during an argument between the two, primarily involving car horn honking. Nothing terribly serious.

The couple purchased the $810,000 home in August 2010. Sangavaram is an anesthesiologist who received his education in India. Sangavaram briefly lost his medical license after pleading no contest to charges of over-charging and improperly treating a patient in 2004. Ultimately, he was ordered to pay $210,000. Vovchik was a podiatrist with practices in Fort Lee and Montvale, New Jersey.

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12 Responses to “7-Year-Old Stabbed 31 Times By Her Mother”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow…there almost aren't words for a story like this. To say it's a miracle that this little girl survived is one thing…but the trauma she endured and must be going through. God keep her, and heal her quickly. That poor baby survived hell. Can't begin to wonder what was going through her mother's mind in her final moments. That's horrific, but God bless that baby girl. I hope her father can help her work through everything. It won't be easy, but hopefully she'll overcome. God Bless You Ava.

  2. Steve Finley

    My GOD what is wrong with some people. How a daughter can ever live a normal life after having seen the woman she trusted as her mother, coming at her with a knife and stabbing her over and over…why do I even read a story like this, when I know I'll still be thinking about it weeks from now? Poor girl. God bless her and help her understand she did nothing wrong, and help her to love and trust people again.

  3. Monica Castro

    Exactly. I was thinking the same thing. I feel so sad for her. I hope someone comes to her side that can give her true love like a true mother should. Some women never have children and can love others greatly. Some women should never be mothers because they are missing something inside them.

  4. Anonymous


    Classy photostock you posted here. Thanks for making such a horrid incident look like a slasher movie promo. How about something more respectful?

  5. Shannon McKee

    I'm so glad the child survived! But she'll be traumatized for the rest of her life. If you want to kill yourself, that's your choice but DO NOT involve anyone else, ESPECIALLY your kids!

  6. Anonymous

    If you have the urge to kill innocents, start with yourself…

  7. Tony Kerr

    Terrible photo to start this story. My heart goes out to the young victim here. I hope she learns to love and trust again.

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