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Nicki Minaj Confusion Cleared Up: Singer Says She’s Not Leaving ‘American Idol’ To Record New Album

Nicki Minaj on Grammy snub

There’s been a little debate over whether or not Nicki Minaj will return to American Idol next season. The YMCMB rapper attempted to clear up any confusion today during an interview with MTV.

Minaj, who is currently working on a new video from her last album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, said that she plans to start recording a new album soon. But that doesn’t mean that Minaj will be leaving the Fox show to hit the studio.

Minaj said:

“It’s possible, but for right now, I’m about to shoot another single off The Re-Up. The song is called ‘High School’ with Wayne. And then [I’ll] start working on that follow-up album … I’ll be doing it here in L.A. while I’m shooting Idol.”

That may seem like a lot to take on at once but Minaj successfully juggled multiple projects this year. Minaj released her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, just a few weeks before her American Idol debut. She also filmed a three-part reality series for E! in 2012 and has been working on music videos for her album.

Minaj’s plate may be full at the moment but she’s going to try to fit in a bit of writing before the start of American Idol next year.

Has the Nicki Minaj confusion been cleared up? Do you think she’ll leave American Idol to record a new album?

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20 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Confusion Cleared Up: Singer Says She’s Not Leaving ‘American Idol’ To Record New Album”

  1. Anonymous

    She doesn't need a reason to leave, she's awful! No positive feedback on the MUSIC, that's why they are there. Not for a new nickname to to know if they are a "darling." She needs to MOVE ON!

  2. Anonymous

    She doesn't need a reason to leave, she just needs to. She's and awful judge. No positive feedback on the MUSIC, that's why they are there…not for a new nick name or to know if they are "adorable darling." She needs to MOVE ON!

  3. Robert Edmundson

    Seems like she thinks the show is all about her! She never gives approiate advise to anyone! She is the worst Judge ever on American Idol! She does need to leave!

  4. Bert Freeman

    I will not watch as a direct result of listening to her whine and for god sakes, leave that fake hair alone.

  5. Chuck Dunaway

    Go ahead AI…..bring back Minaj and watch the numbers continue to fall…Whe you make a mistake…use the eraser and fix it. None of this years judges bring anything good to the judges table. Urban needs to try to critique a contestant without using the word great.

  6. Jerry Newman

    Well if she's NOT leaving American Idol, the network needs to DUMP HER. All she does, is distract the audience with her CONSTANTLY PRIMPING at the Camera, when they show the judges! She's an egotistical idiot!

  7. Jerry Newman

    Well, if she isn't leaving American Idol, the network needs to DUMP HER! She is very distracting to the audience with her CONSTANT PRIMPING at the camera, everytime it shows the judges. She's an egotistical idiot!

  8. Lisa Smith

    Stop hating on Nikki! Anytime a black female has any important position, people love to put us down…The reason I'm watching idol is because of Nikki. She keeps it real every week.. She is absolutely stunning. Love you Nikki and keep your head. Shake the haters off!

  9. Simona Cristescu Bhushan

    I wish she left, she's a disgrace to the show! She's got nothing on Mariah! She's "obsessed" with everyone and has no clue about the music…get off that show! the show is going down because of her and that's ashamed!

  10. Anonymous

    The only thing about her that's confusing is her species.

  11. Maija Collins

    I, totally, have returned to watching "American Idol" and precisely becsuse of each and every one of the judges. I was most sceptical of the group, initially, having given up on "Idol" because of the judges last year, who, it seemed, received more attention than the contestants. Since then, I was pleasantly surprised by Minaj's personality and her good advice; Keith Urban gets better and more insightful with each show; the other diva, never a favorite of mine, now comes across as sincere, caring, and knowledgeable; and Randy, too, is more real than he used to be when Simon overshadowed him. Altogether, I really want this panel of judges to keep on keeping on!

  12. Anita Mayer

    Worst news I've heard all day…She has ruined American Idol for me…she is so rude to Mariah Carey..I have had enough of "Ickey" Mirage……….

  13. Mick Jason Rosser

    I hope they keep her and the show gets cancelled, enough of this NON-reality TV BS, enough survivor, the amazing race, honey booboo, and underage slutty 16 and pregnant, everybody wonder's what's wrong with society and the media these days it's that retarted sh! t and the idiot masses who sit on their asses watching this drivel.

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