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Georgia Parents Have Pled Guilty To Locking Up And Starving Their Son

Abusive couple admits to crime, child abuse in Georgia

Dallas, GA – Paul and Sheila Comer have pled guilty to cruelty and false imprisonment of a child and were sentenced to 15 years in prison. They received an additional 15 years of probation.

Pleading guilty spared the likelihood of an imposed sentence of 100 years and a public trial where their three children would have been allowed to testify.

The Georgia couple admits to holding Sheila’s son, Mitch Comer, captive for at least three years in their Dallas home. During that time, the young man was starved down to nearly 87 pounds, even though he begged for food.

Upon Mitch’s 18th birthday, the Comer’s expelled the emaciated young man from their Paulding County home and told him to never return. The couple gave him a one-way bus ticket to California, a little cash, and homeless shelter pamphlets. They then purged any reminder of Mitch’s existence, throwing out childhood tokens and pictures.

Mitch was noticed by a retired police officer as the boy wandered around in downtown Los Angeles back in September. The officer thought the boy was closer to 12, being only slightly over five feet tall, and appeared sickly translucent and skeletal.

Mitch explained to the officer he’d not been in the sun for nearly two years and detailed the abuse he suffered at the hands of his step father and mother.

Mitch had been confined to a bathroom and bedroom and rarely fed for several years. He was made to kneel and place his forehead against a wall, hands behind his head for hours. Fixtures were removed, preventing Mitch from turning on the lights or water. Mitch claimed his step father had kicked and punched him on occasion.

An investigation was launched and arrest warrants were issued for Paul Comer, 48, and Sheila Comer, 40. They were indicted in October and denied bond in November.

Conditional to the guilty plea, the Comer’s have willingly forfeited all of their remaining assets. They will be placed in a trust for their three children. Half of the money will go to Mitch, who has since been placed with a foster family. The remaining amount will be bequeathed to the other two siblings, the Comer’s younger daughters, who are also now in foster care.

According to authorities, the couple has not clarified what led to the selective and cruel abuse of Sheila’s son. The Comer’s had no prior criminal history but were the subject of a 2009 investigation by local authorities following an abuse allegation when the family lived in Cherokee County. The case was referred to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office but was later closed, and no charges were filed.

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32 Responses to “Georgia Parents Have Pled Guilty To Locking Up And Starving Their Son”

  1. Joanne Sudman Muoio

    Put them in solitary in chains without any food or water until they rot to death!

  2. Jeannine F. Valentine

    Oh my god that is horrible and the punishment doesn't fit the crime here. LIFE in prison NO parole would of done it.

  3. Sheilah Elizabeth Jensen Wight

    Throw away the keys. I hope they die in there.

  4. Lisa Lisakay

    This is sick them two should get what they gave…where the justice for this children…Ihope they get itin jail..and for the mother she needs to die..

  5. Maryann Meadors

    not fair they will get three hots and a cot and will be able to go outside he was not able to do that so why should they no justice in this what so ever.

  6. Dottie J. Bowman

    prison is too good for them. they need the same treatment that they gave.

  7. I'am Camino

    Do to them what they did to this child fair is fair give them a tast of their own medicine. SOB's how dare they do this

  8. Linda Bevel

    This is true, and the poor boy will never be able to live a normal life. Hopefully he will be shown some love and kindess by the Foster family, and hopefully he can make some loving friends. He will never be able to forget the hatred and cruelty from his own mother. This is so sad!

  9. Billie Jean Washburn

    I can't believe this, that poor boy! I agree with others, put em in a hole and starve them to DEATH!

  10. Ann Viola


  11. Beverly Bilsborough

    Giving them life would be to good for this duo. They need a work camp. Ball and chain.I'm sure the death penalty is off the table. It shouldn't be. What happens to this poor boy now.? He's been abused for so long he needs help. Not a take over just help. My heart goes out to him.

  12. Dyan Jackson

    Fifteen years is all they get for the pain and suffering the boy went through. Eye for an eye. Put them in solitary with limited food and water. I hope the rot and die in prison.

  13. Candy Burnette Reaid

    Throw the book at these pituful excuses for humans! The poor boy; who could live with themselves knowing what they were doing to their child?

  14. Fay Thacker

    See, no matter what you do to a kid, just plead guilty and you get a slap on the wrist,,,save the prosecutor some time and your ok,,,, the system needs to be fixed,,,

  15. Paula Cloat

    Oh the prison inmates are going to have fun with these two! They will be lucky if they survive!

  16. Christina Bearden

    If I wasn't in my right state of mind I would have them kidnapped & brought to me where I would then ever so slowly and very painfully torture them literally to their last gasps for air then send them to L.A. with very little money and a handful of homeless shelter pamphlets

  17. Becky Burdick

    Hopefully they will go to jail and get a little payback from other inmates,, if you know what I meen! The cop did a vantastic job reaching out to this kid,, god bless them both!

  18. Grey O'Connor

    You all forget. The one thing all convicts and guards have in common… kids. They might survive the prison term… they might not. Dahmer didnt.

  19. Jetzabel Ruiz Correa

    They should be locked up and given an IV to keep them alive but no food……. EVER! Oh and let's not forget the occassional punching bag workout the other prisoners should have.

  20. Martha Flemmingz

    Is there something set up so people can donate money to these children?

  21. Carter Lovelace

    Life in prison no parole wouldn't have taught them anything except "You bad, you locked up". No, if we want them to know WHY it was wrong, do to them EXACTLY what they did to their son. Then I don't care what happens to them… hopefully they die.

  22. Carter Lovelace

    Life in prison no parole wouldn't have taught them anything except "You bad, you locked up". No, if we want them to know WHY it was wrong, do to them EXACTLY what they did to their son. Then I don't care what happens to them… hopefully they die.

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