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‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Door Open For Halle Berry, Others

Halle Berry as Storm

According to Bryan Singer, the door is open for X-Men alums like Halle Berry to re-appear as their characters in Days of Future Past.

Singer is currently stumping for Jack the Giant Slayer, but can’t seem to escape questions about his upcoming ensemble X-Men flick Days of Future Past, which will ambitiously include story lines and cast members from the original X-Men as well as First Class continuities.

Though X-Men alums like Ian McKellan and Hugh Jackman are back alongside James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, many fans have wondered whether actors like Halle Berry, Famke Janssen and James Marsden will reprise their roles as well.

“It depends on how it works out,” Singer told E! News. “I loved working with Halle, so all I can say is we’ll see what happens.”

I guess we’ll see what happens, too. Until then, Singer just seems happy to have gotten the band back together. He told The Huffington Post:

“It’s just a good feeling. It’s a good feeling because I’m anxious to work with these new cast members in the capacity of a director. And also to work with my old friends. And we’ve remained friends: Ian and I are great friends — and Hugh. I just can’t really wait to work with everybody on what is a very good story. It’s a story that that really involves all of those characters and really puts them to good use. They’re not just thrown in for the sake of it. And it’s also a very epic story and takes place in multiple times. And, also you’ll see, there will be things that haven’t been in an X-Men film yet that fans and non-fans alike will appreciate.”

Returning X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult is also thrilled about reuniting with his superhero family (he played Hank “Beast” McCoy in First Class).

“It’ll be great to be back with everyone,” he said. “I know it’s a particularly exciting thing for me on that one is having Hugh Jackman and those guys back because those are the guys I grew up watching in X-Men films.”

Are you excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past? Which X-Men characters would you like to see return for the film?

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3 Responses to “‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Door Open For Halle Berry, Others”

  1. Peter Glass

    Halle Berry, James Marsden and Famke Jansen as well as Alan Cumming should definitely return as Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler.

  2. Anonymous

    It would be amazing to see everyone return for this movie, though I could understand why it may be difficult. It will be exciting to see how it all works out in the end, and while I wait, I have been watching everything X-Men with my DISH Anywhere app. My app streams all of my On Demand movies right to my tablet, which is amazing with how much I travel for my job at DISH. Watching the movies during my downtime at the airport is great, and I can’t wait to see how Singer brings the characters he has together.

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