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Kaley Cuoco Defies CBS In Fight With Dish, Tweets Ad For Satellite Provider

Kaley Cuoco Defies CBS In Fight With Dish

Kaley Cuoco may be biting the hand that pays her.

The star of The Big Bang Theory is getting in the middle of a fight between CBS and Dish, and she isn’t siding with the network that employs her. On Wednesday Cuoco tweeted a paid endorsement for the satellite television provider, and the program she’s shilling is a sore point with CBS.

CBS isn’t the only network going after Dish. The three other major networks — NBC, ABC, and Fox — are also joining a lawsuit over the Dish Hopper’s “Auto Hopo” feature that allows people to watch previously aired primetime shows minus the commercials.

Kaley Cuoco tweeted an ad that didn’t mention the Auto Hop by name, TheWrap noted. But the ad shows friends watching television on a small phone as they drink tiny beers, talking about the benefits feature.

“Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad” Cuoco tweeted to her more than 1.2 million followers, along with a link to the ad.

Kaley and The Big Bang Theory could have a lot to lose if they were to miss possible advertising revenue. The show is one of the biggest draws for CBS, and when it returned from a three-week holiday break it smashed ratings records. The series pulled in 19.25 million viewers, and an impressive 6.1 rating in the important 18-49 demographic, Deadline reported.

Cuoco has done plenty of other commercials outside of Twitter. She appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Toyota and was also in a Priceline ad with William Shatner.

Kaley Cuoco may have had some regrets over her turncoat, however. TheWrap noted that she took down the ad as soon as they inquired about it.

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7 Responses to “Kaley Cuoco Defies CBS In Fight With Dish, Tweets Ad For Satellite Provider”

  1. Neal Campbell

    This is incorrect. CBS doesn't employ Kaley Cuoco. She works for Chuck Lorre Productions, the company that produces The Big Bang Theory. CBS buys the show from Chuck Lorre, and his company produces The Big Bang Theory at Warner Brothers. Kaley Cuoco has zero direct relationship with CBS. I've been there and produced this interview with Chuck's partner, Bill Prady:

  2. Gary Brannen

    Anyone who is still watching commercials on a regular basis is an idiot. Even before the DVR I did not watch TV live. A commercial has to be funny or jump out at me for me to even watch it. TV advertising is the easiest advertising to avoid.

  3. Jeff Callahan

    The only difference between AutoHop by the DVR system of Dish Network and what I recorded on my DVR for DirecTV was it is easier than fast forwarding through the commercials, which is what I am sure most customers are doing anyway. Let us remember also this lawsuit will affect streaming media because TV shows on Netflix, VUDU and Amazon instant don't have commercials. Only HULU plus has that annoying man announcing commercials during episodes, which is why most networks prefer HULU. I see commercials watching cable and when I watch live TV. We are begin exposed to enough of them that the AutoHop couldn't possibly be affecting our desire to go buy that new car or the latest deodorant breakthrough product. LOL CBS loss of some quality shows are in large part to Les Moonves. He needs to step down anyway because he is a mean nasty man whose business sense is clouded by his arrogance.

  4. Don Hammerel

    you have the title to this story wrong cbs is going to pissoff the people that make them the number 1 channel.

  5. Brady Helms

    Hey idiot networks! everybody skips commercials already. I actually pause the show and grab a drink and a snack then fast forward through all the commercials as I watch, as do many people I know.

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