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‘Mountain Men’ Star Fights The Government For Control Of His Property

eustace conway nature school

Mountain Men star Eustace Conway is fighting the United States government to keep control of his property. The North Carolina man was featured on the History Channel show which highlights the lifestyle of folks who choose to live deliberately in nature.

Eustace Conway graduated from Appalachian State University more than 20 years ago and then decided to take Henry Thoreau’s words to heart. The Mountain Men star purchased some property near Boone and established a nature school to teach others how to live in closer harmony with nature, The Blaze reports.

Conway became so notable that he was featured in a recent episode of the History Channel show. All was going well for the mountain man until 2012. North Carolina county officials cited safety regulations violations and shut down the nature school.

The mountain man had this to say about his battle against the government over property control during an interview with WGHP-TV Fox 8:

“I live in a much different way and I’m glad for it. Basically, I’m living like the American heritage pattern of all of our ancestors and the modern world isn’t. They don’t know how to accept me. This is supposed to be the land of the free, government is supposed to help people and protect their individual liberties and freedom. That’s not what’s happening here. My gosh. This is the country that I pledge allegiance to?”

Eustace Conway was issued a cease and desist order which maintained that his property was not up to code. County officials claims they are only looking after the health and safety of the public. The mountain man’s nature school can resume, but only if it meets standards which would reportedly end the natural aspects of the facility.

eustace conway nature school

Conway is rather confused by the sudden citation. The North Carolina nature school has been in existence for 26 years and was never noted as a safety hazard during prior inspections. The Mountain Men star also noted he is not confident he can win the battle against the citation because he thinks the county wants to shut him down.

Do you think History Channel star Eustace Conway should be able to keep his nature school in its natural state?

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13 Responses to “‘Mountain Men’ Star Fights The Government For Control Of His Property”

  1. Gone Away

    Government of the fascist dictators, by the fascist dictators, and for the fascist dictators. When will we say, "Enough!"?

  2. Montie Rumsower

    We have allowed our employees to become ruling fascists. It is far past time they were put back in their place.

  3. Jr Branscomb

    The government is worried that the natural way of life might cut into their bank account. If we go back to raising our own fruits and vegetables, (fattening) our own beef and pork, we would live without many of the health risks that we have now from preservatives and additives. Raising and growing our own foods naturally and organically is the purest way to get our foods. Eating wild game (meat, venison) is a great source of low fat healthy meats. The government is afraid this way of living will come back and thus eliminating the FDA's job of certifying everything we eat. Hmm, that might get rid of another useless government agency.

  4. Dale DuBois

    It's the same all over with all of the do gooders who want to tell people how and the way they can live. This is the way I grew up and I consider it a great experience in my life. We had no running water or electricity and an outside john which in my County is now breaking the law.

  5. Dale DuBois

    It's the same all over with all of the do gooders who want to tell people how and the way they can live. This is the way I grew up and I consider it a great experience in my life. We had no running water or electricity and an outside john which in my County is now breaking the law.

  6. Guy Daley

    Never, too many people on the government payroll that want the redistribution of wealth to continue. We have to collapse before any change will happen and after we collapse we will get the same thing all over again. People voting to steal from others to give to themselves will always win out.

  7. Larry Viles

    We used to be the "land of the free", now we are the "land of the free stuff". Well, free in that all it costs is our freedom.

  8. Lauritz Heinze

    The govt of NC is filled with statist idiots whom don't want anyone doing anything individualistic. It is one more example of why "We the People" ought to take to the streets in bloody anarchy and kill a bunch of government pigs.

  9. Whisper Atnight

    Once we DE-FEDERALIZE schools in this country by ridding us of the FEDERAL PARASITES, folks will have MORE CHOICE in what schools they want.

  10. Judson Witham

    I've been a Traditional and Modern Systems Builder for 40 Years…. I've built Timber Frames and Log Cabins from Timber to Airports, Skyscrapers , Hospitals and Malls and Colleges and Huge Modern Churches, Condos and Apartments and even Presidential Homes for George and Barbara. I am a Professional Expert and I am as Traditional As a Pioneer. I have a 40 Year Background in Law as well. I'd Love To Help….. Sounds like the Weevles are Trying to Get in the Cotton. Optime Merenti…

  11. Lonna Bertelli

    The government wants everyone dependent on them (read: slaves) and want to prohibit self reliance. (Can't be a slave if you can do it yourself!)

  12. Joseph Houseman

    Eustace talks the talk but he doesn't walk the walk. People are permitted to see only the facade of Turtle Island, by far the most of it is closed to the public and that is where this "naturalist" hides his enviornmental disaster of junk cars and unapproved privies and dangerous construction. It is not about how Eustace lives his life, it is about how he operates a profitable business. He says it was all OK until someone recently influenced the inspectors. The inspectors say they never previously saw a great deal of Turtle Island and would never have approved it if they had known what was being done there. It is one thing to live like a mountain man, it is quite another to operate a mountain man theme park open to the public with a heafty admission price. The claim that Eustace lives on next to nothing is refuted by a visit to his web site where you see the prices he charges for a visit to Turtle Island. The calim that he produces almost all of his own food is refuted by everyone who ever worked there. Eustace's neighbors don't consider him to be a very good neighbor. Fact is Eustace if largely a fraud. Many people seem to have developed a sort of hero worship of Mr.Conway inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book and fail to recognize that Ms. Gilbert glossed over the flaws in attempting to paint a portrate of someone larger than life. Go to Amazon and read the reviews of the book written by people who actually know Conway and have lived on Turtle Island. Government certainly isn't always right but neither is it safe to assume government is always wrong, Turtle Island was shut down for sound reasons.

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