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Joan Rivers Makes Fun Of Adele’s Weight [Video]

Joan Rivers Attacks Adele Over Weight Again

Joan Rivers wants everyone to know that Adele is overweight. Gasp! The comedian who is known for her cruel jabs at celebrities appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman last night and during her performance she ripped into Adele for a third time in the last year.

The always uncensored Rivers appeared on the show to talk about Oscar fashion styles but instead ended up talking about her chance meeting with Adele.

While Rivers called Adele a “lovely woman” she said those words while puffing out her cheeks to mimic Adele’s chubby face.

The audience immediately booed but that didn’t slow Joan Rivers from her already in full swing attack mode:

“What’s her song? ‘Rolling in the Deep’? She should add fried chicken.”

Not wanting Joan to continue her harsh attack against Adele’s weight David Letterman quickly changed the topic of discussion.

The attack against Adele shouldn’t really come as a surprise, after the Oscars ended on Sunday night Joan Rivers sent out the following tweet:

This isn’t even the first time Joan Rivers has attacked Adele over her weight. After the British songstress gave birth last year Rivers tweeted:

“Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy.”

Apparently the only person in on the joke at this point is Joan Rivers, just watch the clip below to see how Letterman’s audience reacts to her attack:

Do you think Joan Rivers went to far in attacking Adele over her weight once again?

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4 Responses to “Joan Rivers Makes Fun Of Adele’s Weight [Video]”

  1. Betsy Kat

    I cannot believe someone with so much botched plastic surgery would dare attack another woman's appearance… and attack ADELE nonetheless! She's one of the few ladies out there in the limelight with a real TALENT.

  2. Jaclyn Salazar

    Someone needs to punch Joan Rivers in her old jacked up face! She has some nerve going around calling people names and making fun for their weight… Obviously the old plastic B!tch hasn't looked in the mirror lately with her Jack Nicholson Joker looking face! Let's see that old hag strut her @ss around naked… there isn't enough cut and tuck to hold them saggy boobs and flat @ss up! So keep it up Joan! Keep injecting rat balls into your face in hope that you'll look half as good as the people you make fun of you old crusty dusty B!tch!!! Hang it up and call it quits your time has come and gone 5 faces ago!

  3. Donna Rogers Gentry

    I hope Adele pays no attention to what plastic woman has to say. I used to be a fan of Joan's many yrs ago. but no more. if someone were to hit her, she would break!

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