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Connecticut Woman Kills Grandkids In Murder-Suicide

Connecticut kills grandkids and then herself

North Stonington, CT — A grandmother apparently shot and killed her two young grandsons and then turned the gun on herself according to multiple news accounts.

Debra Denison picked up Alton Perry, 2, and Ashton Perry, six months, from daycare yesterday afternoon, but instead of taking them home, she allegedly drove them to a nearby town and shot them to death with a handgun and then killed herself.

To make this tragedy even more horrible if that’s possible, it was Alton Perry’s birthday yesterday and he should have been on his way home to open presents.

The missing boys were the subject of an Amber Alert when their mom reported them missing before the bodies were found in a vehicle last night in Preston, Connecticut, when passerbys reported a suspicious vehicle. Apparently a suicide note was found inside.

According to WFSB Channel 3 in Hartford, Denison, 47, had some psychological problems:

“Denison suffered from bipolar disorder and has a history of mental issues, according to family members who were gathered at the boys’ parents home while hoping for the best.”

She did have permission from her daughter to pick up the kids up from daycare, and she regularly did so in the past. According to the Hartford Courant, “Denison did not show the weapon or show any sign of distress when she picked up her grandchildren, said Christine Hare, co-owner of the day-care center.”

The state medical examiner is conducting autopsies today to further confirm the cause of death.

Brenda Perry, Alton and Ashton’s mother, posted on Facebook thanking people for their prayers and added that “God has two beautiful angels helping him now.”

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12 Responses to “Connecticut Woman Kills Grandkids In Murder-Suicide”

  1. Ray Yarbrough

    What a fucking shame. I'm telling you….all the nuts should be locked up and I don't care who this offends. Crazies DO NOT belong mixed in with the general population. That's why they used to lock them up in asylums…because they're too fucked up to function amongst society. And murder-suicides are for cowardly pussies. If you really need to die that badly just turn the gun on yourself and rid the world of your useless ass.

  2. Adam Poller

    Everyone is worried about protection for the mentally ill…what about protection FROM the mentally ill!

  3. Samantha Hart

    I totally agree with Ray Yarbrough…..These kind of people do not mix with any kind of society. People who suffer from bipolar are very dangerous not only to others but themselves. ** Good comment Ray*** I laughed but its the truth. No offense on this end. My question to the mother would be if she was aware her mother was bipolar….why on gods earth would you let your children be in her care or even around her. I wouldn't think its wrong to protect her children from their own gramma especially if she had signs of being bipolar. I would do anything to protect my children regardless if it hurt grammas feelings…bipolar is a very sick mental illness but its also hard to diagnose by many doctors. What a shame.

  4. Samantha Hart

    I totally agree with Ray Yarbrough. My question to the mother would be – why on gods earth would you allow your mother to even be around your children if gramma was bipolar and had a mental illness? People that are bipolar are not only dangerous to others but to themselves. I would do anything to protect my children from anyone who is bipolar. You just don't know when or what could make them SNAP! why why why?

  5. Jon Bradshaw

    What the hell's wrong with people in Connecticut?
    When you have family members with mental health issues, denial is not the way to deal with it!
    Grandma had no business having control of these kids, or a gun!

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