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Wonder Woman Fan Trailer Pits Amazon Princess Against Nazis [Video]

Let’s be honest. Batman aside, DC Comics sucks at movies. One of their long-stalled projects is a Wonder Woman film which, despite the best creative backing (and I’m talking about Joss Whedon), could never seem to get off the ground because studio execs didn’t think the Amazon Princess would appeal to audiences.

Wonder Woman has more failed live-action projects than just about any other DC superhero (or any superhero). Despite a successful 70s TV show starring Lynda Carter, an announced pilot in the 90s never happened, a cameo in Smallville failed to materialize, and a 2011 pilot starring the mind-blowingly sexy Adrianne Palicki was never picked up.

On the film side, various projects have been undertaken since at least 2001, with the most encouraging incarnation being headed up by Joss Whedon. Differences over the character’s direction with the studio put that Wonder Woman project back on the shelf. “I would go back in a heartbeat if I believed that anybody believed in what I was doing. The lack of enthusiasm was overwhelming,” recalled Whedon.

It seems as though getting Wonder Woman to the silver screen is just impossible. Or is it?

As usual, the fans have delivered over the studios in charge of these things. The below trailer for Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson shows exactly how to put Wonder Woman on the screen: Return her to her roots and drop her into WWII-era Nazi Germany.

In the comics, Wonder Woman is pretty much immortal anyway, so you could totally Captain America: The First Avenger a series with the character and plug her into an eventual Justice League movie. The fan trailer below gives studios their first step.

Nina Bergman plays Wonder Woman in the trailer, which also hosts some minor star-power outside of the indie fan circuit. One of those Nazi commanders is played by Timothy V. Murphy, a little-known character actor who has popped up in everything from Appaloosa to Hell on Wheels to those weird Russian Direct TV commercials.

Check out the Nazi-themed Wonder Woman fan trailer below and let us know what you think. Would you see a full-length theatrical version of this?