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Amazon Kindle Ad Shows Support For Marriage Equality

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite add shows support for gay marriage

Amazon has a new commercial for its Kindle PaperWhite that also shows the company’s support for marriage equality.

It’s no secret that Jeff Bezos and his wife are strong allies in the fight for marriage equality. Last year, according to Reuters, they donated $2.5 million to the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state. Referendum 74 was approved by voters in Washington last November.

In much the same way Modern Family and Ellen DeGeneres have helped shift opinion on the subject of gay marriage, Amazon’s commercial challenges prejudice against gay couples simply by showing their relationship as something that’s simply ordinary.

The ad starts with a man and woman lounging at the beach. The man is having trouble reading his iPad because of the glare from the Sun. He ask the woman if she’s using a Kindle. She says, “Yeah, it’s a new Kindle PaperWhite.”

The man is comically frustrated as he tries to shade the screen while the woman extols the virtues of her Kindle. She tells him, “This is perfect at the beach, and with the built in light, I can read anywhere, anytime.”

He says, “Done!”

“With your book?” She asks.

Amazon Ad that Supports Marriage Equality

“I just bought a Kindle PaperWhite.” He says, settling back into his lounge chair. “We should celebrate.”

It seems like the man is hitting on the woman, but then the ad delivers a twist. The woman tells the man her husband is bringing her a drink. The man smiles and says, “So’s mine.”

The two look over their shoulders and their two husbands wave at them from the bar.

It’s a bold move for Amazon to take such a big risk when pitching its Kindle PaperWhite to potential buyers, but clearly Amazon thinks the cause of Marriage Equality is worthy of that risk.

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21 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Ad Shows Support For Marriage Equality”

  1. Sasha Villarreal

    I just saw the commercial and I LOVED IT! More ads should be made like this! It was a shock to hear when the guy said "me too"! It completely threw me off.

  2. Patsy Taylor

    I do not approve of homosexuality and certainly don't approve of the commercial. I am absolutely appalled at the number of comments in favor of both. It is my opinion and my right not to support Amazon by buying a Kindle.

  3. Robert St

    You're free to boycott amazon, and you're entitled to be appalled, and as long as you don't deny these people their basic human rights to be happy then you're completely in the right. Have a nice day.

  4. Sean Wheeler

    Sad! Marriage is between and man and women. It's terrible the way liberals have degraded this act. A domestic partnership is the only legal benefit that should be offered…not marriage.

  5. Jason Lam

    Every HUMAN has the right to be married, regardless of gender. You wouldn't deny someone of their right to speak freely…especially your own.

  6. Jason Lam

    I'm sure Amazon won't be suffering much by the loss of your business…

  7. Alaina Urquhart-White

    I just saw this ad and was so excited about it! I really like that it's portrayed as it should be. It's normal. They didn't make a fuss. Love it and it makes me want to buy a kindle :)

  8. Alaina Urquhart-White

    Completely agree with Jason. Why should certain couples be considered 2nd class? I simply don't see any logic in the argument against marriage equality. My gay friends are just as in love as my husband and I are. They deserve all the same privileges.

  9. Damaris Alfonso

    Please tell me why the rest of the world needs to follow you and your religion's antiquated ideals, ESPECIALLY if they don't believe in the same ideologies? How about I'm appalled that people like you exist in the world? It's my opinion and my right to tell you you're on the wrong side of history. Ugh.

  10. John Clinton

    I suspect your reaction is pretty normal if you don't have many or any gay couple friends. Without good examples it's easy to think of them as some wild, kinky folks with an odd "lifestyle" choice. When you get to know some very normal gay couples that truly love each other and live monogamously it's hard to deny them what the rest of us have taken for granted. I will say a prayer that you will see the truth and understand and care.

  11. Kaleb Tutt

    Perfect commercial, it was great to see commercials portraying that in such a mature manner and not making a big deal of it.

  12. Donald E Joseph

    Great, Now my 6 year old son thinks he needs a husband. Stupid Ass commercial.

  13. Larry Lakee

    This is a programming technique trying to brainwash us to toss out Bibles in the trash reject God and follow satan to hell as if it was cool. No matter how pretty they try to make this it is gross and is an abomination unto God! God is not mocked and he will allow this for a time. But then when the time is up and judgement is upon us all where do you all stand with God?

  14. Dawn Barone

    Alaina Urquhart-White Probably because a six year old is smarter than the majority of liberals commenting here.

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