Dog Bites Girl

‘Racist’ Dog Bites 7-Year-Old Girl

A 7-year-old girl was bitten by a dog her mother described as “racist.”

Pam Nkosi said her daughter was playing with other children when Sean Norman’s bull terrier managed to sneak onto the property. The mother said the “racist” dog immediately went after her daughter and bit the child on the knee.

According to the Sowetan, Nkosi believes the dog went after her child because the animal is unfamiliar with other races.

She explained:

“I feel that the dog is racist. The way it behaved. It shows that it was not familiar with other races.”

To add insult to injury, the girl’s mom said Norman didn’t bother to check on her daughter. He also hasn’t contributed to any of the child’s hospital bills.

Nkosi added:

“Since the owner was impossible, we had to get the police to intervene. We discovered that the dog’s owner had defaulted on vaccinations and this puts my child at risk.”

The Frisky explains that the owner of the allegedly racist dog initially denied that his pet had attacked the little girl. He said Nkosi’s daughter was injured after she fell into a hedge. Norman is also said to have blamed the bite on another dog.

Racist Dog Bites Girl

A SPCA agent explained that it is currently unknown if the dog attacked the 7-year-old girl simply because of her race. However, an investigation into the incident is underway.

Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs confirmed with the Sowetan that officials are looking into the matter.

He explained:

“The investigating officer is currently obtaining statements after which the case docket will be handed in for a decision at the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court.”

Dog psychologist and Victoria Stilwell dog trainer Linda Michaels told Gawker that it is impossible for dogs to be racist.

She explained:

“Although a dog may appear to be “racist”, that’s not possible. Racism requires complex thinking and other higher cognitive functions that canines simply don’t possess. A dog may react in fear-based aggression to a person of color for two reasons: 1. Insufficient positive associations in early socialization to people of all races 2. A traumatic incident with a person of color that has now generalized to all people of color.”

Do you think the “racist” dog attacked the little girl based on the color of her skin?

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