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120 MPH L.A. Chase Results In Woman’s Arrest, Man Sought

120 MPH L.A. Chase

A 120 mph chase in L.A. was, by several reports, a whole slew of close calls — spanning San Bernardino to South Los Angeles and creating a large-scale public safety issue.

The 120 mph chase in L.A. netted the LAPD one arrest — a woman who police say was at times a passenger, and who took over evading police at dangerously high rates of speed when the original male driver fled the vehicle on foot.

The Los Angeles Times describes the 120 mph L.A.. chase’s aftermath, saying that the woman briefly led police on a chase before a collision halted her flight:

“Shortly before 1 p.m., the male driver bolted from the car and, with a cellphone held to his ear, appeared to run into an apartment complex near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The woman who had been the passenger jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off, leading officers on a brief chase that ended when she appeared to hit another vehicle.”

The paper reports that the 120 mph L.A. chase traversed the 71, 91, 60, 710, 105 and 110 freeways as the Lexus ES400 pursued by officers wove dangerously in and out of traffic.

At several points during the lengthy evasion of police, cops say near-misses of pedestrians were observed, with children among those visibly endangered by the careening vehicle.


According to the paper, “pedestrians including a boy on a skateboard, a couple wheeling a baby across the street and a little girl pulled out of the way at the last minute by a woman” were among those nearly struck as the Lexus sped precariously through residential areas.

It was not immediately clear what charges the woman arrested in the 120 mph L.A. chase will face.

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25 Responses to “120 MPH L.A. Chase Results In Woman’s Arrest, Man Sought”

  1. Mark Smith

    When I get elected as El Presidente, the rule is going to be to shoot on site all hi-speed runners.. OJ would not get away with it again. But running from police is a shoot to kill offense.

  2. Anonymous

    Due to the inconsideration's of others in this matter I truly feel 25 years and no less. Our current justice system puts NO FEAR in people like this, Parole/Probation, letting serious offenders out because they somehow posted bail, and while their out more crimes, like in Vegas last week the shooter from The land Rover their looking for, if he was still locked up, all victims would still be alive. The Liberal stance needs to change not the Gun laws..

  3. JayCee Scott

    If Obama had a sister she would look just like the incarcerated woman in the picture. Was it our tax dollars that bought that Lexus ES400? Barry is in the process of working the same magic he worked when his illegal brother was arrested for DWI.

  4. Kevin Courtade

    then their car crashes into people anyway when they lose control, because they're dead.

  5. Thomas Huelskamp

    The news helo should not have left the male runner. he was clearly visible trying to scale the patio wall to an apartment. But the news helo thought the chase would be more exciting so he left the scene..

  6. Anonymous

    look at that face. pure evil. conceal and carry folks, I feel alot more confortable in a public place with lots of people who do the same.

  7. Anonymous

    The police should immediately use lethal force when someone flees and puts others in that kind of danger.

  8. Anonymous

    When will the multitude realize that they cannot outrun a MOTOROLA?
    With cameras at virtually every intersection in a major city, if the Police don't nab yo ass today…they'll getcha tomorrow.
    Here; in the rural South; it's more a game than a violation to run in a vehicle.
    Think Dukes of Hazard when a "chase" occurs on the back roads here. A high percentage of the rural officers here, grew up here…running the same roads in their youth and "…you ain't running from Bubba, you're just exercising".

    In your "big cities", you're more apt to get shot for "fleeing" than here. Here…yeah, you still get your ass handed to ya, but you're more likely to survive the arrest.
    We know our police force, and they know us. And if one here does happen to allude immediate arrest, it's more likely the local constabulary will be waiting at your house, having a glass of sweet tea and jawjawing with your momma when you show up.

  9. Phillip Moya

    I would like more pictures. Not of the car, or the guy, but of Kim.

  10. John Bryan

    Why is it since we now have a black for President that it seems more people of his race are getting into trouble and commiting crimes. I thought that he was suppose to help or is it just me.

  11. Jae Weller

    so ..what if the guy who jumped out told her she" beter keep the cops bizzy for a while or hell kill her daughter"…should she still have lethal force used on her? ya cant just go around shooting people because they make you nervous or they did somthing dangerous. at that rate 86 percent of thepeople on the internet would have killed someone allready or been killed…lol

  12. Tom Wheeler

    She's just upset that the free Obamaphone she recieved didn't work. So she and her male partner (probably) redistributed said Lexus from someomne else and sped off.

  13. Anonymous

    Obama is half black, you racist piece of &^&^. Why are you still operating under the south's old one-drop rule? Didn't that go out of style when racists like you became too scared to wear your pointed hoods in public? Why don't you just call him a darkie, or a n*****? That's what you're really thinking. I'll be glad when all the old KKK wankers like you die off, and I hope it's really soon, in your case.

  14. Steven Dillard

    Okay….please. How about a little intelligence here? The KCAL chopter has the sliding glass door opening on one of the apartment units but the nerd reporter doesn't realize it as he zooms the camera out. If he would have zoomed into the spot between the trees you can see the blinds on the glass door swing open as the guy hops the fence and runs inside. How about an IQ check before you put people up in the air and broadcast this like he is a storm chaser?

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