Mo Farah New Orleans

Double Olympic Gold Medal Winner Mo Farah Asked: ‘Haven’t You Run Before?’ [Video]

Double Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah, who is the current 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres holder, was interviewed by a US TV reporter yesterday who asked him, “Haven’t you run before.” You can watch the clip at the foot of the page.

LaTonya Norton, who works for the WDSU as their anchor, was interviewing the runner as he was in the city to race in the New Orleans half marathon.

Farah came first in the race, and when Norton congratulated him on his triumph she said, “Haven’t you run before … This isn’t your first time?”

The 2012 champion responded tactfully to him by saying, “It’s not my first time. U have done a half marathon before but it’s my first time in New Orleans.”

It is though that Norton mistook the gold medal legend for an amateur runner who was taking part in the city’s Rock n Roll half marathon. Farah actually won the race in a record time of 61 minutes.

Throughout the two minute interview the anchor even failed to mention that Farah had won two gold medals at his hometown Olympics last summer in London.

The excruciating exchange was rather awkward, and Farah took the interview in good spirit answering Norton’s questions in a polite manner, but he was clearly shocked that she didn’t know who he was.

Farah hasn’t had the best of luck in the United Staes, after he was reportedly detained by customs as he tried to enter the country because they suspected he was a terrorist. Farah even looked to show the officers his gold medals to reveal his identity, before he was finally let into the country.