Former Tennessee strength and condition coach broke into his school with a saw

Former Coach Uses Saw To Break Into Arena

A former University of Tennesee strength and conditioning coach used a saw to break into the school’s arena.

Troy Willis was arrested and charged with burglary, theft, and vandalism after being caught for his saw assisted break-in.

Willis was fired by the university last year after eight years of working with the Volunteers’ basketball program. According to USA Today, he broke into the arena Saturday morning, then used the saw to break into Bill Whitesell’s office. Whitesell is a university event management director.

Once inside Whitesell’s office, Willis caused $750 worth of damage and stole $4,150 from Whitesell’s desk.

After the former coach broke into the area with a saw, he tried to avoid security cameras by hiding underneath his coat. Troy Willis’ plan failed and he will face criminal charges for his actions.

Making matters worse for Troy Willis; This is not his first burglary. On December 5 last year, he was caught stealing $100 worth of tanning cream from a local salon. When Fusion Tanning Studios called Willis to ask for the bottle of tanning cream back, he agreed. The bottle was never returned.

Troy Willis has been released on bonded arraignment and is scheduled to appear in court on March 6. His defense should be interesting.

It is unclear what Willis was trying to accomplish by breaking into Tennessee’s arena with a saw. The obvious explanation is he was angry and was trying to get what he felt the university owed him. Still, that doesn’t explain the tanning cream.

Are you surprised Troy Willis was able to break into the University of Tennessee’s arena with only a saw?