'We Saw Your Junk' spoofs Seth MacFarlane's performance at the Oscars

‘We Saw Your Junk’ YouTube Video Spoofs Seth MacFarlane Oscars Song [video]

The YouTube video “We Saw Your Junk” spoofs Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar performance.

The video starts out with the words crawling across the screen, “To those who were offended by Seth MacFarlane’s ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ number at the Oscars. I hope this helps!” in white on black. According to Slate, this is a send-up of the infamous song from the Oscars.

Kevin Gisi, a white guy with long hair and a suit, sings along with a happy background tune:

“We saw your junk. We saw your junk.”

Kevin Gisi starts doing a little arm dance as he continues:

“In the movie that we saw we saw your junk.”

The camera snaps away from Kevin Gisi as he sings:

“Kevin Bacon, we saw your junk in Wild Things. Bruce Willis’ junk in Color of the Night.”

Kevin Gisi continues with facial expressions of feigned disgust:

“Billy Crudup, we saw your junk in blue in Watchmen. It probably wasn’t yours but that’s alright.”

The camera snaps back to a closeup of Kevin Gisi as he continues:

“Richard Gere we saw in American Gigolo. Ben Stiller we saw in There’s Something About Mary.”

The camera backs off again:

“Jeffrey Rush’s junk in Quills and Baron Cohen’s Productions, still not a peep of Seth MacFarlane‘s junk to see.”

Kevin Gisi throws his arms up and yells:


The camera closes in on Kevin Gisi again as he continues his arm dance:

“We saw your junk. We saw your junk. In the movie that we saw we saw your junk.”

The camera snaps away as Kevin Gisi arm dances toward it, with finger snapping gestures:

“Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

Again feigning disgust, Kevin Gisi continues:

“And in The Piano we saw Harvey Keitel. Vincent Gallo, we saw your junk in The Brown Bunny.”

Kevin Gisi gives a gesture of being impressed:

“Ewan McGregor, your penis really sells.”

The camera backs off again:

“Peter Sarsgaard we saw your junk in Kinsey.”

Kevin Gisi spreads his hands for effect as he sings:

“Mark Wahlberg used prosthetics in Boogie Nights.”

Kevin Gisi continues:

“Michael Fassbender in Shame, and Dustin Hoffman in Kramer V Krame’.”

The camera snaps in again:

“Ron Jeremy kept it hidden in They Bite, and Orgazmo, Crank: High Voltage, and The Chase, and 54, but that doesn’t make up for the porn, we saw your junk.”

Kevin Gisi arm dances away from the camera as he continues:

“We saw your junk.”

Kevin Gisi goes into presentation mode as he announces with a gesture:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the offstage male chorus of New York City!”

Kevin Gisi continues as other voices take parts in the final lines, basically reiterating, “We saw your junk.”

What did you think of Kevin Gisi’s YouTube spoof “We Saw Your Junk”?