Hooters ad campaign taking aim at Chipotle

Hooters Ad Campaign Taking Aim At Chipotle

A new string of Hooters ads are taking aim at Chipotle restaurants.

Hooters has begun a new advertising campaign encouraging viewers to “Step Into Awesome.” The new series of commercials promotes Hooters as the place to be to catch some sports viewing and tastier food. According to the Huffington Post, the new ad campaign also includes the Twitter and Instagram #StepIntoAwesome hashtag campaign.

In the process of the advertising campaign, Hooters is attempting to convince viewers to ditch the “lame” trappings of restaurants like Chipotle in favor of an atmosphere with friendly (and nicely endowed) waitresses and brightly-colored Tex-Mex food. Chipotle is being characterized by gray hued food that all basically looks the same and makes a kind of farting noise when you take a serving. Hooters is painted as a sort of food vacation with seafood that drips as you prepare to eat it, and guys just smile big as they sit at the tables. The waitresses are all smiles and hand you delectable food.

The first ad announces toward the end:

“Wednesday is Wings Day at Hooters.”

The ad proceeds to give you details on their Wednesday special.

The second ad campaign features two guys standing at what appears to be a festively decorated bar of sorts looking less than impressed. Then a group of excited sports fans just gang up and start yelling in their faces. This segways into a daydream of a sports event at Hooters where they are sitting at the bar as a big TV is on in the background. The group is seen toasting with tall frosty mugs of beer as the voice-over starts:

“Catch all the basketball action at your local Hooters. Why would you go anywhere else?”

What do you think of the Hooters ad campaign taking aim at Chipotle and other restaurants?