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S.E. Cupp Opting Out Of CPAC Over Gay Republicans Participation

S.E. Cupp announced that she was pulling out of CPAC on Tuesday. Cupp is going to opt out of the massive annual conservative gathering until groups representing gay Republicans are fully welcomed. GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans will reportedly not be at CPAC this year.

During a segment on MSNBC’s The Cycle, Cupp noted that she loves speaking at CPAC and touching base with both older and younger Republicans during the event. According to Cupp, CPAC will permits groups that support gay marriage to attend the conventioned but will not allow them to sponsor the event. The political commentator called such a distinction a “cop-out” by CPAC.

S.E. Cupp had this to say about her decision to skip the CPAC convention:

“We should be lucky to be having these guys any work instead of turning them away. I don’t think we can afford that right now. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I know a lot of people on my side of the aisle have been struggling for some time now too. I’ve been scheduled to speak at CPAC this year, and I don’t think I can until this issue is reconciled and figured out.”

The conservative political analyst also maintained that Republicans are split on the issue of gay marriage, according to The Blaze. She noted that several members of the GOP have signed a legal brief stating that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right.

Cupp stated that she is a proponent of gay rights and feels that members of GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans have had to work doubly hard to help advance a conservative message.

What do you think about CPAC not welcoming full participation by gay Republicans?

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