Titanic II Sails From Southampton To New York In 2016

‘Titanic II’ Will Go On: Billionaire Unveils Photos And Plans

Titanic II, the shipbuilding project from eccentric Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, will set sail in 2016, UPI reported on Tuesday, February 26.

And if you don’t take Palmer seriously, then maybe you will believe the photos (see below) unveiled in a Tuesday morning press conference at the Intrepid Space, Air, and Sea Museum in New York City.

Titanic II will launch from Southampton, England for its destination in New York in 2016 and will hold 2,600 passengers dispersed across 850 cabins, according to the UPI report.

It will also employ 900 crew members and come equipped with 18 lifeboats, which is reportedly enough for every passenger.

(Heard that before.)

Palmer said he has received offers to board for as high as $1 million, though ticket prices haven’t been released at this time.

Palmer also refused to discuss project costs, stating he wouldn’t “divulge the cost because I have enough money to pay for it.”

“Cost isn’t what it’s about. It’s about creating a memory of the Titanic,” Palmer added.

Mashable noted the new Blue Star Line will include 1920s-era costumes for each passenger of their ship and that in the interest of authenticity, second and third class passengers will not be allowed to fraternize with the first class group, so families hadbetter get all their tickets in one place.

At least passengers will get a safety deck with some updated safety features throughout. That should make for a smoother voyage, but let’s just hope none of that stuff is needed this time around, shall we?

Will you be boarding the Titanic II for its maiden voyage?

Grand Staircase Of Titanic II Titanic II Gymnasium Titanic II Swimming Pool Titanic II Dining Room

[Images via Blue Star Line]