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Kurt Sutter Developing A New Horror/Action Series For FX

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is developing a new horror series for FX.

FearNet reports that Sutter has announced that he is currently developing an action/horror series for the FX network, which broadcasts his critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy biker drama. The new series will be called Lucas Stand, which sounds like it’s going to be a supernatural-themed drama focusing on a bounty hunter of wayward demons.

From the press release:

“Based on an idea by Sutter, Lucas Stand is a dark, action/horror drama, with both episodic and serialized elements. It follows the salvation quest of a damaged former special ops soldier, who has been chosen to traverse time and place to hunt down and kill Hell’s law-breaking demons.”

Sutter isn’t alone on the project, either. Entertainment Weekly reports that he will team with John Shiban to develop Lucas Stand. Shiban was previously the showrunner on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, a post-Civil War western centering on the construction of the trans-continental railroad.

Shiban exited Hell on Wheels just one month before Glen Mazzara left The Walking Dead, another AMC program. Both shows have been renewed for a Season 3 and Season 4 respectively with new showrunners.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sutter and Shiban will work together. Sutter has been a very vocal critic of how AMC handles content development in the past, and Shiban’s Season 2 finale of Hell on Wheels definitely looked like a giant middle finger to AMC execs.

What do you think of Sutter’s planned FX horror show, Lucas Stand? Does it sound like something you’d watch?