Chloe Moretz Terrifying In New ‘Carrie’ Image

There’s a saying that some films just shouldn’t be rebooted, especially when it comes to the specific genre of horror. Classics usually stay classics, but not in the case of Carrie. The 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek has been rebooted already, and the horror loving audience is about to get a promising brand new reboot starring Chloe Moretz as the awkward and tormented teen.

The new image of Carrie just released via Screen Crush shows the pivotal scene featuring Chloe Moretz covered in pig’s blood in the third act of the film. The blood drapes Moretz’ full body, which is seen caked in blood in a long shot . Of course those who have viewed the films prior have seen this scene before, but the difference is Moretz’ menacing stare and her head cocked to the side makes this quite a terrifying image. To see the full body shot of Carrie check it out here.


If you aren’t familiar with the iconic Carrie film, here’s how it usually goes:

An awkward teen suffers weeks of bullying after she gets her first period in a very public and mortifying way. This leaves her to be antisocial, leaving her to spin alone as an isolated outcast. Pretty harmless, Carrie is different, some would even say gifted, but one thing is for sure, you don’t exactly want get her angry or else there will be terrifying repercussions. Carrie’s torment continues in the final act at the school prom where she has been set up with the most popular jock in school. What goes down between Carrie and her bullies is a tremendous horrific scene.

For this reboot, as mentioned, Chloe Moretz plays Carrie, which is sure to be quite the upgrade from the last TV movie reboot starring Angela Bettis. The poster and subsequent images released have reassured that audiences are in for a horrific remake. If that’s not enough then it’s the promising talent Moretz has already exhibited as a young performer so far.

Are you excited to see the new Carrie film?