Chicago Police Taser Unconscious Man Having A Diabetic Seizure 11 Times

A Chicago man who was suffering from a diabetic seizure in April was tasered 11 times by a police officer after his flailing arm struck the officer.

Prospero Lassi claims in a lawsuit that ambulance officers (EMTs) and police arrived at his home April 9 after his room mate call 911 for help with his seizure.

The EMTs recognized the seriousness of the situation, and asked the police to help move Lassi, who according to the suit was “not alert and could not move his body.” While helping move Lassi, the officer was struck (despite being told upfront that Lassi was unconscious) and that’s when the tasering started.

One tasering might be considered an automatic self defense response, but the office didn’t stop at one; despite Lassi being unconscious, the office tased him a staggering 11 times over the course of one minute.

Tasering anyone 11 times isn’t good for their health, but it’s even worse when they’re a diabetic: Lassi stayed in hospital five days, was unable to work for three months, and has suffered permanent neurological damage due to the tasering he received.

According to Courthouse News, Lassi was “never cited, arrested, or charged with any crime.” Lassi is seeking punitive damages for battery, excessive force, and failure to intervene.

Sadly from other reports, the officer was never stood down or investigated for his savage attack.