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‘Catfish’ Reunion: What About The Other Couples? [Video]

Last night, MTV closed out an enormously successful first season of Catfish with its first reunion show lead by host SuChin Pak and including Catfish investigators Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. The reunion saw many of the show’s “couples” come back together to check-in on where they’re at in their respective relationships, but many were also left out.

The first episode’s subjects, Sunny and Chelsea, were incredibly tense during the reunion. Though Chelsea, the “catfish-er,” seemed more comfortable in her own skin, Sunny seemed distant and still angry over the embarrassment. Another tense couple were Jasmine and Mhissy, with both admitting that they had no intention of resolving their issues.

Joe was catfished by his friend Rose, who pretended to be a former Miss USA and model. The two were still estranged, and their reunion proved that Joe was still very angry with her.

Matt and Kim remained friends, and though they are both in other relationships, they talk almost daily. Additionally, Matt announced that he has dropped 200 pounds since filming. His weight was one of the reasons he avoided meeting up with Kim throughout their 10-year relationship.

Also still friends are Trina and Lee, with Trina announcing that she will soon be starring in her own reality TV series.

Checking in by Skype were James and Rico, as well as Jarrod and Melissa. Both couples are not romantically involved, but they remain very close friends who talk regularly. Jarrod even noted that the show has gotten his band more gigs.

Absent from the Catfish reunion were Kya and Dani, Rod and Ebony, and Mike and Felicia. These three proved to be some of the most interesting couples on the show, but since they didn’t appear, how are we supposed to know what happened to them?

According to MTV’s Catfish page (which includes bonus content from the show), Kya and Dani are no longer together, but Dani is still undergoing hormone treatments and is in another long-distance relationship. Ebony pretended to be a transgender female during her relationship with Rod, but when they met, both sides had a handful of confessions for each other. Rod is reconnecting with an old girlfriend, while Ebony is open to dating men or women. They remain friends.

The Catfish finale told the story of “Jersey” Mike and Felicia. Coming off of a bad breakup, Mike wanted to be sure that Felicia is who she said she is before jumping into a relationship with her. Felicia looked like her pictures, but several details about her life were false. At the end of the show, the two ended up in a relationship, but since taping ended, Mike went back to his ex-girlfriend. However, Mike and Felicia remain friends.

Did you watch the Catfish reunion? Are you a fan of the show? You can watch the full reunion below:

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