O'Reilly takes on Rush Limbaugh

Bill O’Reilly v. Rush Limbaugh: ‘The Left Has Not Won In America’ [Video]

Remember when Rush Limbaugh said that he was ashamed of America, lamenting that liberalism had finally taken root and won the United States? Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly strongly disagrees and called Limbaugh out during his Monday night program.

On The O’Reilly Factor Monday, Bill O’Reilly dedicated his “Talking Points Memo” segment to Limbaugh’s controversial comments, and invited Fox News analysts Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams to discuss the issue.

Limbaugh said last week that despite his best efforts to the contrary, “the left has beaten us.” O’Reilly pushed back during his show, concluding that “The left has not won in America.”

O’Reilly did concede Limbaugh’s point that the left “controls the education system, pop culture and media,” but doesn’t agree with the conclusion that liberalism is now the “dominant” force in the United States. O’Reilly also noted the public shift on issues like gay marriage and marijuana legalization, but said that core conservative principles like smaller government are still favored by the majority of Americans.

Following up with Ham and Williams, O’Reilly’s guests asserted that they’re not “ashamed” of the United States, even though they disagree with some citizens and politicians politically. Williams noted Limbaugh’s “frustration” and Ham said that it was okay for Americans to feel “discouraged” with the political direction of the country. But neither thought that it’d be okay for conservatives to give up the fight.

Watch video of Bill O’Reilly and his panel vs. Rush Limbaugh below, via Mediaite: