Windows 8 Blue: New Microsoft Win8 OS Upgrade Launching In 2013

Windows 8 Blue: New Microsoft Win8 OS Upgrade Launching In 2013

Windows 8 Blue is the rumored name of the Windows 8 upgrade that will launch in August of 2013. Windows Blue will be Microsoft’s first attempt at increasing the development rate of the Windows 8 operating system.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Windows 8 has garnered mixed reactions, to say the least. The Windows Phone Store and Windows Store has been accruing a good number of apps, but some people were hoping for a “Windows 7.8” update that mixed the best desktop-focused aspects of Windows 7 back into Windows 8.

According to ZDnet, Win8China is a Chinese language site that was accurate about Windows 8 rumors and is likely to have good information on the upcoming Windows 8 Blue. On February 24, Win8China claimed that the release-to-manufacturing phase for Windows Blue is supposedly June 7, with retail availability planned for August 2013.

InfoWorld gives a quick rundown on what to expect from Windows 8 Blue:

“Imagine more of the same, only with performance improvements, a smaller kernel, longer battery life, a better search charm…better screen-size scaling, and improved windowing (with no explanation as to what that may entail). Golly.”

For those worried about having to fork over some major cash for Windows 8 Blue, some experts believe that Microsoft might be trying to mimic Apple’s business model for the Mac OS X. While iOS updates to the iPhone and iPad are free, Apple has a tendency to release a new update every year or so, and Apple is currently selling the Mountain Lion upgrade for $19.99.

Even the Windows 8 Pro upgrade was available for $40 for a limited time when purchased straight from Microsoft. So it’s possible that Windows 8 Blue might be sold for about the same price. But Win8China also says that the Windows 8 Blue upgrade will be available for free for Windows 8 users.

Do you plan on upgrading your Windows 8 machine to Windows Blue?