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Alfonso Soriano To Yankees Rumors Heat Up

Alfonso Soriano could be heading to the Yankees

Alfonso Soriano to the New York Yankees rumors seemingly started not five minutes after Curtis Granderson winced and grabbed his arm. The Yankee outfielder broke his forearm in his first Spring Training at bat.

Right after the announcement that Granderson would be out for a little over a month, a sort of convergence of truth and rumors occurred that has picked up steam over the last few days.

Alfonso Soriano is the Chicago Cubs left fielder, and the Cubs have been looking to deal the highly paid power hitter for about three years now. Soriano also has a no-trade clause that allows him to veto a trade to any team he doesn’t want to go to.

Soriano actually turned down a trade to the San Francisco Giants at the end of last season, but AM New York reports that Soriano said he would be open to a trade to the Yankees if approached.’

Soriano has played for the Yankees before. Back there and back then, he was their starting second baseman; now he could fill another position of need.

Soriano also recently talked to Yahoo! and explained how he would like to win a championship in Chicago. At the same time, he made it clear he understood that the team was trying to trade him while he still has trade value.

The mercurial left fielder hasn’t always had a great relationship with the Cubs. Two years ago, he went to the papers talking about how he felt mistreated.

It seems that the new regime has managed to patch that relationship to the point where Alfonso Soriano seems to just do whatever he can to help the team win.

The window to trade a player who used to be a threat on the basepaths as well as a threat to leave the yard might be closing. His speed is gone, and his power numbers have been declining for years now.

If the Cubs can get a trade with the Yankees involving Soriano done, they will likely pull the trigger.

Is an Alfonso Soriano to Yankees scenario likely?

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22 Responses to “Alfonso Soriano To Yankees Rumors Heat Up”

  1. Oliver VanDervoort

    Well, while his slugging pct was very good compared to the last few years, it was still below the nunmbers he was putting up in his prime.

  2. Gershon Eric Shapiro

    please! That scenario was stated 2 days ago by John Sterling on the air ina discussion of possible available outfielders after Girardi told him & susan on air about Granderson now 2 days later it's a hot rumor? Is the media that shameless or desperate?

  3. Frank Soriano

    The yankees owe Soriano some cash…from his earlier accomplishment when they paid him $100k as a starting 2nd baseman.

  4. Oliver VanDervoort

    Yes. Which is the premise. His trade value is declining because he's getting older.

  5. Anonymous

    As a Cubs fan, I'd trade him for a beer. Not paying his bloated contract while watching him hit.240 would be a most welcome sight, and would free up dollars for those who can actually perform consistently.

  6. Anonymous

    I'd trade him for a beer. The Cubs have paid him far too much for far too long. With Big Z and Ramirez gone, he's the last of the long term boat anchors the Cubs took on board their sinking ship years ago. Just to have his salary free, to pay anyone else that can perform consistently, would be great. I'm a longtime Cubs' fan, and I say Sayonara, Soriano!

  7. Steve Bohannon

    have to see who we get first before I would ok this trade the yankees farm system is not that great right now and taking his numbers off the team that lost 101 would mean a devasting year ahead unless we get comparable replacement and some good to top farm hands.

  8. Michael Maglish

    Unfortunately we're not realistically going to compete this year anyway. We're still in rebuild mode. You're right, though, if this doesn't help us rebuild it doesn't make sense. However, opening up the position to someone else could expedite the process from a playing time perspective. If him leaving puts DeJesus in left and Jackson in center…? You get the point. And we wouldn't be paying the entire contract, just part of it. Either way it's not like we're playing for this year in my opinion. I do believe their team is significantly better than last year. But we're not going to compete for a world series for another couple years. Soriano will not be part of that plan.

  9. Michael Maglish

    Correct he's getting older. No one is debating that. But he had more RBI's than any other year in his career. He his 32 Home Runs and a respectable .262 average or whatever. That isn't quite Barry Bonds, but it tells you he's still got it in the tank. Just no wheels.

  10. Bill Sartori

    And what would the Yankees do when Granderson returns? I think the Yanks should just suck it up and live without "Grandy man" for the ten weeks or so.

  11. Tom Mooi

    the best thing for the cubs to do would be to get rid of that useless piece of crap they paid way to much for! he cant hit, play the outfield, or steal a base anymore….

  12. Steve Bohannon

    not sure jackson is ready to produce that much i understand the need to move sori for the betterment of the teams future. not just sure i can watch this year and next and next i am 64 would like to see something sooner oh well go cubs

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