Dog Eats 109 Stones

Dog Eats Over 100 Rocks During Family Beach Trip

Barney loves to chew things. The habit dates back to his days as a puppy and it recently landed the Labrador into a spot of trouble. During a recent trip to the beach with his owners, the dog managed to eat over 100 rocks.

The day after the family’s visit to a Kent beach, Kim Woollard noticed their chocolate Labrador was acting a bit “sluggish.” When she discovered several rocks in Barney’s bed, she guessed that he had eaten a few and was in the process of passing them.

According to The Daily Mail, the Woollards decided to take Barney to a veterinarian. The family was shocked when an X-ray showed an astonishing 79 stones resting inside the canine’s belly.

Kim Woollard explained:

“I was astounded when I saw how many he had eaten, and we hadn’t seen a thing whilst we were on the beach. He’d kept going into the sea and if he’d had his mouth open then he may have swallowed the stones then.”

She continued:

“I thought he may have swallowed a few, and then passed them in his basket, but I’d never imagined that it would be so many. The vet told us that it had been a good job that we had acted so quickly.”

Digital Spy writes that the Woollards discovered additional stones when they returned home. Coupled with the amount in the X-ray, the dog had eaten 109 rocks in all.

Barney underwent surgery to remove the evidence of his chewing habit. He also required an additional operation to repair damage to his teeth. The Woollards say their mischievous dog is home again and mending well.

Are you surprised that a dog could eat over 100 rocks and make a full recovery?