keep hail off your car

Protect Your Car From Hail Argentine Style [VIDEO]

It was just another beautiful summer day in the lovely Argentina resort town of Mar del Plata. When the hailstones started pounding down, this man tried a unique method for keeping them from ruining his car’s paint job — car swimming.

As You Tube poster 99telegrams explained, “A man decided to go up to the roof of his car and swim to protect the car from the severe hail storm. Everyone’s an idiot except him.”

Because it’s in the southern hemisphere, Argentina is usually enjoying its summer season while North Americans are stuck in miserable winter weather. This year, apparently there’s plenty of bad weather to go around.

But you have to hand it to Mr. Car Swimming Guy. He’s not afraid to do what it takes to protect his car’s finish from damaging hail. See that photo up there of hailstones on my car’s windshield? Those suckers hurt when they hit.