Elton John The Lumineers

Elton John Slapped The Lumineers’ Drummer At Grammys

Elton John reportedly slapped Jeremiah Fraites, the drummer for the band The Lumineers, at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

Talking on English radio on Sunday evening, the group’s singer, Wesley Schultz, talked about the incident during his interview, stating, “We were nominated for two awards but didn’t win. As we were walking in Elton John stopped us and said he has been listening to our album and was a fan.”

Schultz added, “Our drummer said, ‘There’s no f****** way you are a fan!’ Elton just slapped him in the face and put him straight. It was a special moment.”

It seems like the British musician was getting up to all kinds of mischief during and after the ceremony, which took place in Los Angeles on February 10. Mumford and Sons’ banjo player, Winston Marshall, revealed that the rocker looked to calm down the musician during the show by telling him to keep his private parts in his pants.

Marshall noted, “We were getting ready and were a bit nervous, a bit sweaty. Sir Elton goes, ‘Winston, Winston, come over here.’ So I went over, I said, ‘alright Sir Elton, what’s up?’ He goes: ‘Winston, now would be a f****** terrible time to get your c*** out’.”

Marshall added, “Elton John is an absolute lad. He’s a hero. He made that whole thing fun, because it was so weird.” Mumford & Sons went on to claim the Album of the Year Grammy for their record, Babel, whilst Elton John is set to release a new album in September.