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Wow, Dwyane Wade Gets A New Nickname

Dwayne Wade has a new nickname and Wow is it terrible.

The man formerly known as D-Wade, MV3, and Flash, will now be going by the name “WOW.”

Yes. Wow. And yes, Dwayne Wade gave himself his own nickname.

According to the Miami News Times, Wade’s new nickname comes from the “Way of Wade” slogan used to sell the Heat star’s new line of shoes. Wade is trying to build the Way of Wade into a global brand and apparently he’s willing to be called WOW in order to do so. Talk about dedication.

Teammate LeBron James, AKA King James, isn’t a big fan of Wade’s new nickname.

James said: “It’s ‘WOW,’ Way of Wade … I think it’s corny.”

So does everyone else. Well, everyone else besides WOW.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering. Dwyane is absolutely serious about the new nickname.

The Heat star wrote on Twitter: “So what do y’all think about my new nickname WoW…. Means (wayofwade)???? #Wow-out.”

Wow out? Seriously? Dwyane Wade is trying a little too hard to sell this thing.

What do you think? Will WOW stick around? Will King James start calling his teammate by his new nickname?