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‘Who Is James Franco?’ Film In The Works

James Franco

Who is James Franco? Are you interested to find out? If you are, you may have something to look forward to uncovering in the not-so-distant future. Performance artist Marina Abramovic, and friend of Franco, will be making her film debut by trying to uncover this very question.

At the Indie Spirit Awards Abramovic told Elle that she will be working on this question. She explains the puzzling nature of Franco by questioning: “‘Who is James Franco?’ and ‘Why is he doing what he’s doing?’ He hardly sleeps or has a life. He just keeps going.”

And why does she want to focus on James Franco as the subject of her first film, and possible documentary? She continued, explaining:

“I think he’s the most interesting actor of the moment. Why? Because he takes risks and when you take risks, you can fail. But he takes failure and risk all with the same intensity. He could just be another Hollywood actor and that’s it–like everyone else. But he’s crossing all kinds of borders and not always with great success. For him, process is more important than the result.”

This isn’t the first time Franco and Ambramovic have collaborated with each other. Franco was part of her documentary Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, which was nominated for Best Documentary at the Indie Spirit Awards. In conjunction with the documentary, Franco also helped bring awareness to her MoMA retrospective of the same title. While discussing her own work, Abramovic said: “I’m a full-blooded artist. I had my first show when I was 12. I don’t do husbands. I don’t do children. I didn’t want any of this. I just want to do my work. And I’m free.”

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  1. Atasi Mukherjee

    First of all okays it is so surprising than Abramovich uses the words I don't do husbands etc. I'm sorry but the most successful people on the planet busy individuals have all chosen to get married but yes kids is very difficult and that part I totally agree with but heck you can still have a loving partner she hasn't reached full success and as far with Franco whom he is hmmnn we'll see ahhh hahahahah!

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